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Good News!!!

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It looks as though I'll be settled in 2-3 weeks, after that it's getting the Internet setup then I'm back.


In the mean I'd like you all do me a few things.

1. Get attendance back up, it's still not forced and never will be, but what I've been hearing is troubling. I don't care what you do or how.

2. Keep letting us know about server issues and so on. While I can't directly fix them myself, if I have the information I can pass it on directly to @Dakota. If you can't get hold of me, pass it on to @LRRRtheDestroyer or @Gidget.

3. Keep doing what you have been regarding ops and so on. Everyone appears to be enjoying them so your on the right track.

4. Expect some disproportionately biblical shit to go down when I do get back on, I have plans and will be discussing them further with @Mike and @Cyphas.


All in all to round it out. I AM COMING BACK. And I will aiming to return us back to normal routine with a good old sneering imperialist boot.


(It's all of you ?)


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