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7PM (PST) SATURDAY, February 18, 2017 
(typical op night and time)


Welcome to Southern Sahrani.

After our recent run of PMC operations gaining valuable combat experience, The government of Southern Sahrani at the direction of the Royal Family has hired us on a government contract to train some of their units. Those who do not know, Southern Sahrani is bordered by a not so friendly nation to the north. There is a long tradition of tension between the neighbors, but since the establishment of the DMZ some 27 years ago, there has not been a single border incursion. The interest in extra training by Southern Sahrani MoD was sparked by the North signing a mutual defense pact with CSAT, which typically indicates full membership in the Bloc will follow shortly. A NATO Exercise is scheduled to take place off the shore of Southern Sahrani in the next 90 days in response, and NATO has invited observers from the Southern Sahrani Leadership.


Current situation as of February 18, 2017:

Southern Sahrani has been kind enough to lend us a small unused compound during our stay in country. I'm told There is no permanent power, nor running water, but at least its a roof over your head. Spartac forward teams are on the way to get us setup with potable water, and generators. As well as propositioning some of our gear. Once we get on the ground, the guys will be given a day to get settled before our training program begins. This will serve as a good orientation session for some of our newer guys as well.



KEYNOTES - Civilians are not to be engaged unless they a direct and legitimate threat.

In country you are not to go heavily armed unless specifically told otherwise.

Civilians must be treated with respect and courtesy.

Finally, commandeering any civilian vehicles will be dealt with severely. 



Operating area.

Targets last known appearance.

Heavy equipment.

Recommended outfit.



                                                                           MISSION & EXECUTION

Time: 10:45 hrs

ROE(Rules Of Engagement): Weapons Unloaded, No Hostile Forces in the Area
Main body: Convoy Training run for local Forces, followed by shoot house / Entry training
Intercept Team: N/A.
Recon: N/A
Insertion: Truck
Extraction: Truck
Recommended Equipment: Light helmets, vests, M4A1s Unloaded, Spartac Civvies

Required Roles:  

                                                                               COMMUNICATION CHANNELS

Command: 121 short range  33 long range (when needed)

ARES  - (MAIN BODY) -121.1


APOLLO - (CAS) - 50 long range

HERMES - (RECON) - 121.3 team 121 for relaying info. 33 Long range (when applicable)

                                                                                  SQUAD LEADERS / SPECIAL ROLES

Alpha Team Lead
Alpha Team Medic: 
Bravo Team Lead: 
Bravo Team Medic: 
Radio Operator:


                                                                            RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES

Expected enemy strength: N/A
Anti-air concerns: N/A
Support: N/A
Weather Report: Clear skies, No wind, , High of 98'f
Additional Information:  



Fatigues For use in Theater (FUTURE USE):



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7 hours ago, Ryejin said:

@Mike can i just join to "hang out"? like i wont disrupt the op, ill just act as a guard at the Spartac compound. 

I fully expect you to join and participate as part of the mission

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@Bounty Hunter this is one I would not want to miss.

For all reading: this is the roll out of the new Saturday command structure and the beginning of @Mike's campaign. The only other thing to say is that I am very excited.

 Anyone interested in the RTO position will need to be familiar with the long range radio prior to Saturday night. Training for that can happen anytime, just speak up. Squad lead's will be chosen based on ability, rank and standing within the group.

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Will be there like always, sorry I haven't been on but "For Honor" dropped and whacking peoples heads off with a ball and chain flail makes me hard. 

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Loved The Last Sahrani campaign. Im going to try to make it but no promises as usual

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