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Operation Benghazi

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(typical op night and time)


Welcome to Benghazi gentlemen.


We have been commissioned as the security team for a CIA Annex located in Benghazi, Libya. Tensions are high in the country, with a large population against the US government operating within. The hostile forces are not designated by camo, we are dealing with a possible radical Islamic population. A U.S. Embassy (AMBO COMPOUND) is within a few miles of the CIA Annex and we have met with their local security to asses the vulnerability of their facility. The AMBO security forces will depend on us in case of emergency.



Current situation as of February 6, 2017:

- There have been many suspicious vehicles and military aged males hanging around the CIA Annex; have been seen on cellphones, Annex location may be compromised.

-The AMBO Security forces have notified us of a man taking pictures over their walls; possibly gaining intel on the layout of the AMBO Compound grounds.

-We have gained intelligence of a possible attack on a high value target, and we have reason to believe the AMBO is the target.

-If the AMBO Compound is compromised, our instructions are to evacuate the AMBO personnel and get them back to the CIA Annex.

-There may be locals friendly to us and will engage hostiles along side of us, heed ROE.




Civilians are not to be engaged unless they a direct and legitimate threat.

-Opposition is most likely radical locals (Russian made arms, little to no body armor, no distinguishing apparel)

-In country you are not to go heavily armed unless specifically told otherwise.

-Civilians must be treated with respect and courtesy.

-Since we are working along side of the CIA our presence is to stay unknown at all odds. 

-We are the only active "security" in the area currently, our CIA agents do have local militias as our only assets.













AO MAP (Fallujah Map)



                                                                           MISSION & EXECUTION

Time: 1800 hrs
: Secure and extract the AMBO personnel back to the CIA Annex; ALIVE OR IN BODY BAGS. Defend CIA Annex against possible counter attack.

ROE(Rules Of Engagement): Do not fire, unless fired upon.
Main body: Refer to "Task"
Intercept Team: N/A.
Recon: N/A
Insertion: CIA Vehicles
Extraction: Any Available
Recommended Equipment: Light helmets, vests,
NO CAMO-Civi Clothes ONLY , body bag, night vision
Required Roles:  A couple of role players for AMBO Security (voluntary); will be in combat alongside BLUFOR.

                                                                               COMMUNICATION CHANNELS

Command: 121 short range  33 long range (when needed)

ARES  - (MAIN BODY) -121.1


APOLLO - (CAS) - 50 long range

HERMES - (RECON) - 121.3 team 121 for relaying info. 33 Long range (when applicable)

                                                                                  SQUAD LEADERS / SPECIAL ROLES

Alpha Team Lead
Alpha Team Medic: 
Bravo Team Lead: 
Bravo Team Medic: 
Radio Operator:

Zeus: Farsight or Colt

                                                                            RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES

Expected enemy strength: UNKNOWN
Anti-air concerns: N/A
Support: N/A
Weather Report: Clear skies, No wind, , High of 98'f
Additional Information:  Message me for a chance to be a role player, 2 slots, first come first server, comment on here (ROLE PLAYER) to get it.

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@Ryejin I'm pretty sure an Ambassador, in a war torn country, with multiple threats all around him at any given point and time, probably had better things to do with his time than play an online game. Not saying you're a liar, but the guy you talked to either had a similar name or was out right lying through is teeth. I would've seriously questioned the validity of that individuals claims.

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Again. He is an Ambassador, in a war torn country. Even if it were way before his death, think about what you are saying for just a second. See it from my side of things being in situations that well make that situation and every other one a walk in candy land forest with all the cuddly little peeps as friends. If he really was the guy so be it, I personally would not have believed him so easily in such a short amount of time.


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I haven't had my coffees so if I'm missing something let me know. Pretty sure he's talking about Sean Smith, the IT guy. He was playing or on the chat with the guys he played Eve online with that night. No comment on whom has ever spoken to whom, just that it's feasible. I'm equally skeptical, but for different reasons. Mainly, the guy was a higher up in Goon Swarm, so I'd think he'd be insulated from trade deals/anything mundane. Idk. Just puttin it out there that it's inside the realm of possible.


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On 2/8/2017 at 2:57 AM, Trauma said:

When do you get the laptop @J.Bankshaft ?

Soon friend, I have a very plausible job offer with Amazon so I'm holding out to see if that goes through and I come home, if I don't get selected and I stay here it'll be inbound.

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