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Operation Spooky Fox Mission Briefing

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(typical op night and time)



The island nation of United Sahrani located in the Mozambique channel has been at a very unstable peace since UN led intervention in early 1997 stopped the genocide of Southern Sahrani by Northern Sahrani invaders led by president and warlord Joseph Karoma. In late 1998 President Karoma was captured, forced to surrender and sign peace accords, officially dissolving North and South Sahrani into United Sahrani with democratically elected President Adisa Simba at its helm. UN / USPA forces have since kept a presence in the country to help maintain peace and train the United Sahrani Peoples Army.  Since 2001 Joseph's oldest son Abdul Karoma has been gathering rebels loyal to the Karomas call for a  "pure bloodline" and "A Sahrani without fascist invaders", engaging in criminal activity and causing civil unrest. In 2013 Karoma formed The Northern Sahrani Liberation Army (NSLA) which is believed to amassed about 10,500 members complete with fairly modern weaponry and has ran a fairly successful guerrilla war against UN and United Sahrani Forces for the last 3 years. On the morning of May 14th, the NSLA attacked a press conference in the capital of Corazol, and succeeded assassinating President Simba, sparking the beginning of the United Sahrani Civil war 


Earlier this afternoon NSLA troops attacked local news station NSTV located NE of the enemy occupied city of Bagango in retaliation for the station covering the UN giving aid to the people of Sahrani. While a majority of the stations employees were able to escape, many were injured, killed and several were captured. For the last six hours the NSLA has been using the station to broadcast propaganda for their cause and have pledged to live broadcast the beheading of news anchor Mitchell Snowe and journalist Ryan Walsh tomorrow at noon, both employees were directly involved in last weeks UN aid broadcast and both are American citizens here for AAN's coverage of the story. 


Time: 0001hrs
Task: SPARTAC elements will insert near the city of Bagango and proceed on foot to the NSTV station to conduct sweep and clear operations of the compound of any hostiles and free any employees on site, then extract Mitchell Snowe and Ryan Walsh. 
Insertion: Ghosthawk or Chinook   
Extraction: Main element via insert helo / Escort and VIPs via MD500 news helicopter located on the roof of the station.
Recommended Equipment: NVG's, IR strobes.


Expected enemy strength: MEDIUM Several employees report only seeing about 20 enemy combatants and a single armed technical, Most of the NSLA forces arrived in civilian vehicles and made it past the main gate security with proper ID or visitor passes 
Civilian / friendly force considerations: HIGH Currently 12 employees of NSTV are unaccounted for.
 Anti-air concerns: MEDIUM The nearby town of Bagango has been enemy occupied since the start of the war, there is no solid intel on the AA capability of its forces approach with caution.
Support: Several civilian rigs are still located at the station along with the NSTV sky news helicopter.
Weather Report: Overcast breezy night, low of 68*.
Additional Info: A UNSOG drone was able to determine that all the ground floor entrances have been boarded over, there is a roof access on the east side and a entrance via the broadcasting tower catwalk. According to a interview from a maintenance employee, the perimeter fence has several holes on the east side due to a drunken employee leaving a company party earlier this year and one low hole on the west side "a man could probably crawl through." The NSTV MD500 News helicopter seats a pilot, co-pilot and two passengers.
Satellite and map photos (courtesy google earth):


Mitchell Snowe broadcasting a story about the United Sahrani conflict (courtesy NSTV)

Ryan Walsh on assignment last week interviewing the UN and USPA officers (courtesy NSTV):

UNSOG (United Nations Special Operations Group) intel photos:20160615153913_1.jpg20160615153920_1.jpg

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Given that this is at night, I'm gonna recommend that everyone carries a few IR strobes and laser pointers, as well as NVG's and NVG compatible sights and NVG capable binos.

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This looks really cool. i think my computer should handle this one better as well ill try to be there!

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gonna miss it by an hour...damn.  Good work putting this together !!

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Great Mission man, just needed more of a challenge :D

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