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S20 UL

Sup everyone

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Better introduce myself and not be an ignorant cu*t.

I'm section 20 UL but Ul (like full or numbskull) or Jon is fine by me. the sec20 shit was just lazy profile naming by me :D

British mongrel from the North of England who got bored and moved more north to Scotland. Wasn't wet and miserable enough, where I already was.

Old. Like biblical old. I remember when this was all fields, old.

Is known for saying "Errr" on comms.

Shit screenshot taker and even shittier texture maker.

Looking forward to joining an op this weekend. watched you guys a few times now on Vikingaus's stream.

Should be a good laugh watching me struggle with ACE/TFAR ;)

Catch yuz all soon.



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Glad you made it to the op!  Again, sucks you had a DC at the last minute.  You missed seeing a Russian fire an RPG at a near stationary C-130 full of guys and MISS from about 100m, lol.  Hope you get to make it to more ops!

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