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<-- Cartel Espartano -->

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<-- Cartel Espartano --> This will the first mission of the Criminal Campaign. So, not that differently from how we operate as a PMC. It is going to be fun, challenging and unique. You might kill cops one day and get bounties from them to capture or kill gang leaders. PMC's are also active in the area and they might be paid to hunt you or you may pay them for help or equipment. Expect all around randomness. Main Objectives 1. Wreck havoc and get rich and powerful Optional Objectives 1. Try to hide civilian casualties to lower the cartel's notoriety. 2. Maintain a variety of utility vehicles for refueling and repairing. Needless to say most of what we are going to be doing is going to be illegal. Expect police and swat teams to show up. If we piss them enough we might get the attention of the Gendarmerie. This mission is going to rely on ambushes and hit and run tactics. You are not expected to last against relentless pushback of the Law. Be prepared to retreat and abandon objectives. Roleplay will be kept minimum as possible. Certain aspects like having drugs and money will be explained in mission.

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