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FNG (Fluffy New Guy!)

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(Ha see what I did there, I'm sorry) Hello, I'm Fluffy! and welcome to my half-assed attempt at an Intro, first thing, never trust me with anything remotely important or a clutch moment, it will fail most the time, but I live for the times it doesn't fail and looks fanfuckingtastic! (Doesn't happen a lot...)

Well what can I offer, other than terrible aim, bad jokes and few uncalled backblasts that may or may not kill you, I bring POSITIVITY! (I know right, that word hardly exists in gaming anymore) I have pretty thick skin so don't be shy to jab at me!

I play a lot of games of all genres, currently, Arma 3 is my main game and I just play random shit on the side, I used to play competitively for two games, (neither of which are popular lmao so can I really boast about this) which was Insurgency for team RiZEN, and for a game called Ironsight for team CSG (CyberStormGaming) and Team Viral! I also attempted to be a Streamer on Twitch, but that went about as well as my ability to do Math...which is pretty bad.



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Thick skin will serve you well here.  In fact... I think the one rule that is enforced more than all others is that no one is allowed to get offended.  Being offensive is perfectly acceptable, and often encouraged... but BEING offended?  If you are... that's a personal problem, not ours, lol.

Summer times can be slow sometimes, especially with ARMA.  We have a server up that's usually running ALIVE or Liberation.  @Joe is usually on most nights it seems.  If you ever want to play, just post on discord and ask.

But despite that... weekend ops still happen as frequently as possible.  So far I think I've only seen one op be called off due to low attendance. 

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Liberation is where I go to forget about the world, as I rain mortar hell on entire grid squares.

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