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Operation Hermod

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20180318 8pm CST




Welcome, gentlemen, to Isla Abramia. A small Island in the Baltic Sea that has seen a recent loss of Independence due to a dictatorial Regime and a cult like following of said dictator. Rumor has it that CSAT has been supplying and aiding this dictator and his Army. Fortunately, the Country of Estonia has allowed us the use of a small satellite Island as our base of operations while we investigate. A rebel contingency has also allowed us a secondary FOB on the main Island to grant access to the mainland from the ground. For the time being, it is unknown whether we can safely fly over the mainland. That being said, our mission here is clear. Find the problems, crush them and help liberate the people of this once free Island Nation. This is not a summer vacation boys, it's going to be cold.

SITREP: Rebel factions split in two groups.

             HOSTILE: ANL (Abramian National Loyalists)              FRIENDLY: ALF (Abramian Liberation Front)







Following the events of last Sunday, Satellite surveillance has located the positions of three more AA sites near the NATO crash site. Your mission, Spartans, is really quite simple. Locate these AA sites and destroy them. Once your objective is complete, RTB and debrief. Be advised, surveillance also shows heavy CSAT activity in the area mixed in with the ANL forces.

Time: 0700


  • Primary - Destroy AA sites

  • Secondary - n/a

  • Tertiary - n/a


Rules Of Engagement: 100% PID

Threat Level: Red


Insertion: Helicopter to FOB Tanngnjostr, light trucks to AO.

Respawn: Immediate

Extraction: Convoy back to FOB Tanngnjostr

Uniform: Leadership discretion.

Equipment: Team/Squad discretion. Always bring Zip-Ties. 

Requirements: Explosives.




Assets: HMMWV, UH-60, CH-47

Weather Report: Heavy Rain, Overcast, Heavy Fog

Additional Information: n/a

Role Play Requirements: n/a

Additional Intel: I will not be controlling any AI personally.

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