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Operation Sleipnir

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20180304 8pm CST




Welcome, gentlemen, to Isla Abramia. A small Island in the Baltic Sea that has seen a recent loss of Independence due to a dictatorial Regime and a cult like following of said dictator. Rumor has it that CSAT has been supplying and aiding this dictator and his Army. Fortunately, the Country of Estonia has allowed us the use of a small satellite Island as our base of operations while we investigate. A rebel contingency has also allowed us a secondary FOB on the main Island to grant access to the mainland from the ground. For the time being, it is unknown whether we can safely fly over the mainland. That being said, our mission here is clear. Find the problems, crush them and help liberate the people of this once free Island Nation. This is not a summer vacation boys, it's going to be cold.

SITREP: Rebel factions split in two groups.

             HOSTILE: ANL (Abramian National Loyalists)              FRIENDLY: ALF (Abramian Liberation Front)







Gentlemen, while our mission to kill Kusnetsov and the CSAT Brigade Commander was a success, we were compromised. As such, ANL forces have decided to take it out on the civilians in the town of Kraft. The reason being, the citizens of Kraft have been adamant in their opposition of the regime. Your job will be to make your way to the town and clear t building to building, securing the civilians safely along the way, then bring them back to the IDAP Refugee camp. While a good portion of the populace made it out safely, many of the civilians have been massacred already, some in the initial assault and others by hanging and firing squad. Due to said civilian presence there will be absolutely no use of explosives within the town. Intel has shown numerous ANL forces in the area executing civilians and patrolling the town. Higher suggests bringing plenty of ammo, there looks to be a big fight ahead.

Time: 1600


  • Primary - Escort civilians to IDAP Refugee Camp

  • Secondary - Neutralize all ANL forces in Kraft

  • Tertiary - -REDACTED-


Rules Of Engagement: 100% PID

Threat Level: Orange


Insertion: Helicopter to FOB Tanngnjostr

Respawn: Immediate

Extraction: Convoy back to FOB Tanngnjostr

Uniform: Leadership discretion.

Equipment: Team/Squad discretion. Always bring Zip-Ties. 

Requirements: n/a




Assets: HMMWV, UH-60, CH-47

Weather Report: Clear & Sunny, Light Fog

Additional Information: n/a

Role Play Requirements: 1

Additional Intel: I will not be controlling any AI personally.

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