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Operation Hold Out 2: Insurgent Boogaloo

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2/17/2018 9pm CST




Our mission in Dariyah is coming to a close. Attempts to find a navigable land route were ultimately unsuccessful.  The client has been informed that the area is too hostile to risk transporting any assets without a much more substantial investment of resources and personnel. 

We are running down the clock for the rest of our time in country, hoping to stay out of any unnecessary gunfights. 

However, the locals may have something different in mind... 



A group of Spartac personnel were on board a helicopter as part of a joint reconnaissance operation. The pilot reported coming under small arms fire.  After suffering a mechanical malfunction that forced an emergency landing attempt. We haven't been able to raise them on comm's since.

Preparations for an aerial escort are underway at the airfield. Get your teams briefed and assemble at landing pad.


Four volunteers and Trauma will be playing the lost Spartans. If killed you will not be teleported back. The mission is failed if all 4 are KIA. You will be able to keep playing, but as part of the Rescue Team or as an additional air asset.

The main force will have a variety of helicopters to choose from depending on the player count. Team Lead will need to be prepared for a rapid and dynamic pace. 

Time: 15:00


  • Primary -Find and Rescue missing personnel

  • Secondary - Retrieve bodies of any KIA

  • Tertiary - None


Threat Level: AMBER (CAUTION)


Insertion: Helicopter


Uniform: Terrain appropriate camouflage 

Equipment: BODIES BAGS, 2 LR equipped personnel 

Requirements:  RTO per squad or fireteam (turnout dictates) . Standard fireteams (Medic/Rifleman, GL, LMG, DMR) 

 1x Element Lead

2x Fireteam Lead

3x Helicopter Pilots

1x FAC 





Weather Report: CLEAR

Additional Info:

Role Play Requirements:


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Wolf, I think you've earned an armed heli should you want to fly one! This mission will def require them used offensively. Probably Lil birds.

Spit, excellent! Looking forward to being in the shit with you


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Lost Spartan seems kind of neat-o!  Could I play as a medic who went down with the Spartans?  Help keep up up and running until help arrives?

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Sparks, you can be a medic. All Lost Spartans will want a lighter loadout. Sheltering in place may not be the safest course of action.

Awesome Farsight! These fuckers know how to use the rpg's pretty well, stay frosty!

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If i can make it, i volunteer as lost Spartan.  Need to brush up on ma Land Nav! 

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