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Return of the Bling!

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So this officially marks the Return of the Mcgee's Medals Program. Whenever I Mcgee see a Spartac Member go above and beyond the call of duty you will receive a Mcgee Medal which is pretty much just a funny picture and a shout out from me to the Higher ups BUT IT'S A GOOD WAY TO EARN BROWNIE POINTS!!! Tonight as you may have heard I stated who I wanted to give this medal to so @sparkstable (I hope because I keep getting names mixed up) Congratulations! You have earned the Mcgee Medal "Confidence Man!" I've been on your team for a few ops now and I have watched you develop the skills and qualities of a good leader (Note I said good not smart! Just kidding!) I've watched you grow into the position of a squad leader and tonight you demonstrated confidence, determination, effectiveness, and precision to lead your team in taking out four enemy targets! Now I'm going to end this before the others think you are sucking my D*** when we know you are sucking @Farsight's! Lucky Bastar- OH I mean uh Congratulations Soldier! *Salute* 

confidence-man.png "Confidence Man!"

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I appreciate it, man!  But to be fair... it was easy with pro operators who needed little direction like you guys.  I could have been a lot better and I think some of my positioning of the squad was less than ideal in some cases, but again you guys made it work any how.

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