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Operation Vile Samoon

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12/30/2017 9pm CST




Welcome to Diyala Province gentlemen. A contract has been provided extending over multiple contractors all wanting similar but albeit varying levels of support and security. The situation in the province is tense. A new local leader is to be elected in the coming weeks with public outcry for the candidates being high. Small attacks have taken place over the province but nothing more than intermittent rifle fire and hand grenade attacks.


Also IDAP aid workers are in the province providing food water, repairs etc since ISIS were pushed out the area by a joint effort from Iraqi security forces and NATO airstrikes. There have been reports of supplies going missing, equipment destroyed, and people disappearing. It is speculated that a small ISIS cell is still operating in the area in an attempt to continue to sow fear and panic. 


We will be operating out of Khan Bani Saad Airbase in a small compound called Camp Al Rassa which has been provided to us willingly by Iraqi security. A few small air frames have been provided for quick response to emergencies. There is also a large motor pool which will be used for most contracts.


We have been resupplied from SPARTAC HQ with a new shipment of vehicles and equipment for our use in this theater. They are requesting reports and performance, usability and functionality.


The second candidate was unimpressed with our ability to arrive at his compound with the press team due to "pilot error", he has however agreed to conduct a private meeting with an independent reporter in the village from his youth. We are tasked with setting up roadblocks around the village and securing it from vehicles entering and exiting in preparation for his arrival at an undisclosed time, we do know his appearance, check with teamleads for verification. Also we have a secondary task of finding and destroying any firearms and explosives in the village. The candidate is concerned that someone is supplying ISIS from here and wants it to stop.

Time: 19:45


  • Primary - Conduct LRRP in outlying areas

  • Secondary - Locate and secure verified caches and supplies

  • Tertiary - Avoid contact with rival PMC's at all costs


Rules Of Engagement: RFO (RETURN FIRE ONLY)

Threat Level: AMBER (CAUTION)


Insertion: CONVOY

Respawn: 15 minutes After deployment

Extraction: CONVOY

Uniform: Terrain appropriate camouflage 

Equipment: Light arms 5.56 & Below

Requirements: ENGINEER X2, RTO (Not @Gidget), UAV OPERATOR X1




Assets: 6X6 ATV's, Jackal X1, HUMVEE X1

Weather Report: Overcast

Additional Information: Areas of interest will marked on map or relayed to Squad Leads. Be prepared to OM. Resupply will not be available, take whatever supplies are needed.

Role Play Requirements: 0


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The last time i remember you using a UAV you got a bombed dropped on our extract chopper

On 26/12/2017 at 11:27 PM, Gidget said:

But I want rto.

I can uav though. 


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