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Found 2 results

  1. Fluffo

    FNG (Fluffy New Guy!)

    (Ha see what I did there, I'm sorry) Hello, I'm Fluffy! and welcome to my half-assed attempt at an Intro, first thing, never trust me with anything remotely important or a clutch moment, it will fail most the time, but I live for the times it doesn't fail and looks fanfuckingtastic! (Doesn't happen a lot...) Well what can I offer, other than terrible aim, bad jokes and few uncalled backblasts that may or may not kill you, I bring POSITIVITY! (I know right, that word hardly exists in gaming anymore) I have pretty thick skin so don't be shy to jab at me! I play a lot of games of all genres, currently, Arma 3 is my main game and I just play random shit on the side, I used to play competitively for two games, (neither of which are popular lmao so can I really boast about this) which was Insurgency for team RiZEN, and for a game called Ironsight for team CSG (CyberStormGaming) and Team Viral! I also attempted to be a Streamer on Twitch, but that went about as well as my ability to do Math...which is pretty bad.
  2. DestructiveSpartan

    Semi-new to arma

    I have owned arma for a while but I didn't have the internet to play online until just recently I'm ok at the single player so far though I don't know how well it translates to multiplayer I'm hoping my application is accepted it seems like a pretty great group from what I've seen