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Found 1 result

  1. MISSION BRIEFING  02/02/2019 9pm CST (WE ARE WHEELS UP @ 9) BACKGROUND INFORMATION The civil war in Chernarus has ground to a bloody stalemate between the country's security forces and Islamist rebels. With the civilian population breaking down along religious and ethnic lines, sectarian violence is common place. State forces have been implicated in indiscriminate shelling. Meanwhile the rebels are being accused of ethnic cleansing operations. There is ample evidence both sides are guilty of these charges. The security situation has devolved to the point of all humanitarian NGO's are being told to leave the country. Our contract will require a multi-phased approach and sensitive information will be given out on a need to know basis. At no point while deployed on this contract should you be unarmed. DO NOT TRAVEL ALONE, AS WESTERNS PRESENT A TARGET OF OPPORTUNITY. SIT REP: After suffering massive casualties the insurgents have been driven from the immediate area. Our shipment of small arms was delivered successfully. Unfortunately, the recoilless rifles and guided weapons were intercepted in transit. The identity of the hijackers remains unknown, all friendly assets were found KIA at the ambush point. The Russians in the area appear to be concentrating forces at the largest airfield. This is a highly defended and fortified position. Avoid at all costs. MISSION & EXECUTION A particularly brutal Warlord operating from the city of Chezniki has earned the ire of our client. We are to eliminate the target and retrieve proof. The city is heavily guarded, expect to fight for every inch. Using the hills surrounding the city set up a mortar pit and shooting positions for a support team. An assault team will be moving into the city and bagging the HVT. Time: 13:00 Objectives: Primary - Eliminate HVT and retrieve proof of kill Secondary - Gather Additional Intel Tertiary - Avoid unnecessary engagements with local forces Rules Of Engagement: RETURN FIRE ONLY (YELLOW) Threat Level: RED (HIGH) Insertion: Vehicles Respawn: ZEUS DISCRETION Uniform: Team Lead's Discretion Equipment: Small arms, portable mortars. Light arms are Russian only (launchers) Requirements: 1 Assault Fireteam, 1 Support team ROLES NEEDED: ELEMENT AND FIRETEAM LEADS ASSAULT TEAM: RIFLEMEN, GL, LMG, MEDIC SUPPORT TEAM; PORTABLE MORTAR, SNIPER/MARKSMEN, HMG OR LMG RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: REDACTED Weather Report: RAIN, POSSIBLE FOG Additional Information: PLEASE STATE YOUR PREFERRED ROLE BELOW (ELEMENT LEAD AND FIRETEAM LEADERS ESPECIALLY) Role Play Requirements: 0 Additional Intel: N/A MAP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1128256978