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  1. Mosher126

    SPARTAC Merch

    I'm saying that hat is nice. It would feel so good to be wearing that with my headset IRL while playing my guy with that on in-game.
  2. Mosher126

    SPARTAC on YouTube

    Hi guys, Thanks for the fun operation this last Saturday. I'm very much looking forward to a weekly mission. Something enjoyable to dedicate yourself too that's only a few hours of commitment a week (like a bowling league or something). I was in talks with a few of you Spartans before and while joining up about my YouTube and Twitch Channel, and about how I was hoping to stream, capture, and post operations. Well apologies if anyone thinks I was out of line stepping up and doing it without attaching a review file first, but I wanted everyone to know how serious my intentions were (I wish my Sony Vegas skills were as serious). The first, with hopefully many more to come, Spartan Tactical Group Saturday Operation video is live. Video is listed at the base of this rambling. To be clear and for the record, and this is a giant reason I took the initiative and published the video without consulting; is that if anyone on last Saturday's Op feels uncomfortable with what I presented, please let me know and I can fix this. For immediate as possible action, you may email me at scruntgrunt@gmail.com. I If its an emergency you may text me at 612-205-8012. For instance, I can use YouTube's after effects to blur out people's names at the beginning of the video. I want everyone to know that I have everyone's best interest in mind when editing out these videos. I have no desire, and in fact contrary to, want anyone in my videos looking dumb or an asshole or anything else undesirable. I mean, we all do dumb things that are funny and those are totally going in the videos if applicable. In the end the intention is to present everyone in a fun, positive light where other like-minded people would be interested in pursuing further. I have had a very brief discussion with Dakota about YouTube and Twitch and he enjoyed the idea as it is a good source of advertising for Spartac. He also said that many members already record their footage, but most just keep it on-hand. If you are interested in providing your footage of the Saturday Operations, I am more than happy to incorporate it into the video. The idea of showing the operations in theatrical ways is very exciting to me, as I love learning tricks in Vegas. All I ask is that you have your files to split at 20 minute intervals. Then we can all meet up before the briefing and set to record at the same time. I can show you how I use Xsplit to split my mp4s and I believe that OBS will allow you too as well. Please though, if using OBS, try to give me files in mp4 or another comparable format. When I was using the previous OBS from a year ago it gave you flv files. flv files are great for records as they save continuously and a pc crash will have the file saved up to that instant; but they are horrid for editing with. Please note that any footage put into my videos is then not legally yours to file claims for. The source material is yours and you are obviously allowed to do whatever you want with it, and to monetize it in any way. But I want to be clear that if you provide footage and I put it into the video; that that footage in my video is mine to monetize alone, and you will have no claim to any past or future earnings. To be clear the op was fun, watching it was fun, and editing it out was fun. I think presenting ops from multiple views sounds amazing and would love to work with you on it. Please feel free to reply or direct message me with ANYTHING at all in regards to this. Assuming everyone is super cool with it, there is a TON I can be doing in the editing part to make Spartac look better (For instance how I describe us in the video and video description; I'm all ears with criticism). Thanks Spartans. -Scrunt Grunt (Tony Mosher)