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  1. Delta

    [LD] Operation Fireworks

    Ill pull up something different and go a DMR.
  2. Delta

    Operation North Point

    Ill run a GL if i'm not too late.
  3. Delta

    Took Lrrr's idea.

    It looks great man. Mine is just a stock Smith and Weston M and P sport 2. I love it to death but the only thing i've changed so far is a put a 4x something on it. The scope is still off too
  4. Delta

    Took Lrrr's idea.

    Just found this and shes beautiful. What is it? +1 for a different looking mounting bracket for the Optic!
  5. Delta

    I Am The New Guy!

    Welcome man!
  6. Delta

    Operation Turgid Port

    Guess thats what happens when you have no time but try to make a forum post anyways lol
  7. Delta

    Operation Turgid Port

    Game for an AT kit if im not too late
  8. Delta

    Operation Moonlight

    Should be there, if there ends up being an overwatch or small detachment off the main force. Ill role team lead for that
  9. Delta

    [LD] Operation FireWave

    Having my birthday party then so i wont make it sadly. Attached is my new baby girl for you guys who haven't seen her
  10. Delta

    Operation Cerberus

    I desire to blow things up so AT preferably. Ill try to make it
  11. Delta

    What do you guys think?

    Watched a video by DevilDogGamer on this game it looks fantastic
  12. Delta

    Operation Postmaster

    Loved The Last Sahrani campaign. Im going to try to make it but no promises as usual
  13. Delta

    Favourite cars

    What have you done farsight. Now i cant stop looking at cars and im 5 months away from getting my licence
  14. Delta

    Favourite cars

    1. Nissan GTR-R 2016 2. 2016 Dodge charger 3. 2016 Shelby GT-350R That i would say is my top 3
  15. Delta

    Hired Guns Mission

    Looks good!
  16. Delta

    Operation Hide and Seek

    Sounds like itll be a good one, Ill try to make it
  17. Delta

    Operation So Much For Subtlety

    Shoot everything? we should do well
  18. Delta

    SPARTAC for my new truck.

    Thats really cool!
  19. Delta

    Life Mods

    If you are interested in playing a RP life mod server reply to this thread. The idea is to play the role of a PMC group to either protect people paying us the right price or robbing people for money and stuff!! If you have a server you specifically play on let me know, as of now i have a specific server in mind ask me for a link if you want it.
  20. Delta

    Operation Flash Thunder

    Always up to Defend!
  21. Delta


    My Psn is mike71679 I think i speak for everyone here, But we would prefer your Ign,steam and website name the same Welcome to the USA
  22. Delta

    Operation Begonia

    @CyphasCayne Alright thanks
  23. Delta


    Cant wait!
  24. Delta

    Operation Begonia

    Are we assaulting the FOB or sneaking in The ROE confused me
  25. Delta

    The Future of Arma and Milsim

    Devildoggamer has a few videos on it it looks amazing