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  1. Alaska

    [LD] Operation New Home (Retry)

    I can cover an LMG slot.
  2. Alaska

    Operation Elfspendable

    Gonna do my very best to be there! Semester's almost over!
  3. Alaska

    Operation Breakback

    Open as well.
  4. Alaska

    Operation Kraken Mission Briefing

    Won't be there for this one, Fellas. Heading to St. Louis to see the inlaws... woot. Op looks friggin' amazing though. Shoot some baddies for me.
  5. Alaska

    I F***ing love this group

    Some nights, I think, "hey, I'll play Arma for a bit and then go to bed." Before I know it, it's 2am in the morning. I wanted to start a thread of fun shit I've experienced on this group's servers and I hope y'all will follow suit. Tonight, we, (Farsight, Trauma, Aaron, ArchAngel, Mike and I) Tried a little PVP hostage rescue scenario action. 3V3, 2V3 + AI, and 1V5. It was probably some of the most fun I've had in Arma yet. The excitement of the real threat of facing players combined with the knowledge that those players are not just some dick on the internet, made this session amazing. Debriefs after each 'round' and some really impressive skills on display. We HAVE to integrate this as part of a normal routine when we can and the idea of a potential Spartac PVP server is awesome. I think Someone should be posting pics. Much love.
  6. I'd be happy with either Alpha or Bravo team medic.
  7. Alaska

    Operation Spooky Fox Mission Briefing

    Planning to be there.
  8. Alaska

    Operation First Aid Mission Briefing

    I will be there.
  9. Any possibility of setting-up another orientation for new members? Thanks!

    1. Dakota
    2. Farsight


      Yeah I seen this, if there's no op this weekend I will run one for the new members.