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    yeah, it wasn't bad...but bullock was waaay hotter in demolition man
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  5. Etherwolf


    Idea for my own patch, thoughts ?
  6. Etherwolf

    Operation Sleipnir

    sweet, marksman or where needed
  7. Etherwolf

    Operation Yggdrasil

    DMR, or where needed
  8. Etherwolf

    Sup Guys!!

    Welcome , Way to use a sun tzu quote !!! My favorite is Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
  9. Etherwolf

    Show Us Your Setup

    hory sheet, thats fuckin nice
  10. Etherwolf

    Operation Athena Rising

    DMR or where needed of course.
  11. Etherwolf

    16-12-2017 Operation Valiant Spear

    I'll run marksman unless we need a team lead, last time went pretty good...even if it was more training then operating
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  14. Etherwolf

    Operation Whirlwind

    Count me in for grenadier or what ever spot needs a body/
  15. Etherwolf

    [LD] Operation Druken Rage

    Do it Spit !! i'll follow you, I'll take recon or rifleman, either one is good. My comm's should be working correctly this time.
  16. Etherwolf

    Operation Rolling Blackout

    Grenadier or what ever slot needs to be filled.....giggty.
  17. Etherwolf

    Operation Gondor Calls for Aid

    recon as well, I can back you cyphas, Otherwise i'll take a squad marksmen role.
  18. Etherwolf

    [LD] Operation SledgeHammer

    Scratch my last, i'll take recon if aval.
  19. Etherwolf

    Operation Chatter

    Hell yeah, I'll take recon if it's not spoken for already
  20. Etherwolf

    [LD] Operation Screwball

    Overwatch/recon Thanks
  21. Etherwolf

    Operation: Recall

    I'll be there, put me where its needed.
  22. Etherwolf

    Operation Cauterize

    I'll be there, where ever im needed. See ya there !
  23. Etherwolf

    Youtube channels

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC30dRq-As-xqm8QJa4Jv6Cg Thanks !