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  1. Aaron

    Operation Hydra's Head, REDO

    I'm definitely going to try and get on for this one, and I'll take whatever role is needed of me
  2. Aaron

    Operation Elfspendable

    I will definitely be on for this, no way I could miss this
  3. Aaron

    Operation Rising Iron

    I should be on for this
  4. Aaron

    Operation Valid Sacrifice

    I'm definitely going to be on for this
  5. Aaron

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I'm kind of holding off on it until after it releases and seeing how it went down then
  6. Aaron

    Operation So Much For Subtlety

    I'll probably be on for this
  7. Aaron

    What Do You Think?

    It looks cool as fuck, I love me some Halo and it's nice to see a non-Earth map to go with it
  8. I got inspired by LRRRs truck to do this on my AK-104 Got the first pass done, just waiting for the paint to dry and I'm going to do a detail and cleanup pass
  9. Aaron

    Spartac-ing up my Airsoft Rifle

    And it is finished. Turned out quite well for a first go. Also Russian Ingenuity. What do you guys think?
  10. Aaron

    Spartac-ing up my Airsoft Rifle

    Just finished the second pass of paint, just one more for cleanup now
  11. Aaron

    Playing other games with each other

    Assault Squad is a fantastic game