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  1. C.McGee

    Operation Hello Operator

    Can pilot or be boots on the ground
  2. C.McGee

    Return of the Bling!

    So this officially marks the Return of the Mcgee's Medals Program. Whenever I Mcgee see a Spartac Member go above and beyond the call of duty you will receive a Mcgee Medal which is pretty much just a funny picture and a shout out from me to the Higher ups BUT IT'S A GOOD WAY TO EARN BROWNIE POINTS!!! Tonight as you may have heard I stated who I wanted to give this medal to so @sparkstable (I hope because I keep getting names mixed up) Congratulations! You have earned the Mcgee Medal "Confidence Man!" I've been on your team for a few ops now and I have watched you develop the skills and qualities of a good leader (Note I said good not smart! Just kidding!) I've watched you grow into the position of a squad leader and tonight you demonstrated confidence, determination, effectiveness, and precision to lead your team in taking out four enemy targets! Now I'm going to end this before the others think you are sucking my D*** when we know you are sucking @Farsight's! Lucky Bastar- OH I mean uh Congratulations Soldier! *Salute* "Confidence Man!"
  3. C.McGee

    Operation Fulgur Bellum

    I'll be there! CAS if possible
  4. C.McGee

    SPARTAC Merch

    I would buy the shirt and hat but am like you on the stickers.
  5. C.McGee

    Operation Play Ball

    I'd like overwatch if possible
  6. C.McGee

    [LD} Operation Back to School

    Can I have second Marksman slot, feel like changing it up tonight.
  7. C.McGee

    Arma 3 ScreenShots

    "Fuck you lookin' at Motherfucker!"
  8. C.McGee

    In honor of our lord and savior....BOOZE

    How Mcgee will look on 3/17
  9. C.McGee

    [LD] Operation WhiteFox

    Hey guys, unfortunately I won't be able to make it tonight, currently chuggin' through a shit ton of paperwork for school. Hope you guys kick some ass and kill some commies for me alright! nevermind....
  10. C.McGee

    Momma Trauma's Bed & Breakfast

    Man when I got shot in the head we just sat around getting high to Trauma's music video.
  11. C.McGee

    Operation Postmaster

    Will be there like always, sorry I haven't been on but "For Honor" dropped and whacking peoples heads off with a ball and chain flail makes me hard.
  12. C.McGee

    Facebook warrior status

    Stay safe man and nice pics!
  13. C.McGee

    Mission Ideas

    I have been outlining a bit of a story for a campaign I'd like to run in Arma one day. Without spoilers, Spartac is contracted with a large sum of money by Group 13 a top secret group from CTRG that works off the Nimitz and has a network of informants all over the world. Recently they picked up a signal from one of their agents in Chenarus (Map Pending) stating that a meeting between a rebel leader and an unknown contact is going down. Spartac's job is to infiltrate the meeting and find out what they are up to. Group 13 has given Spartac a Darter and a Falcon to help with the infiltration. That is just the first mission in a three mission campaign that will take Spartac to multiple maps and environments as well as being faced with different challenges and levels of warfare.
  14. C.McGee

    Gotta go Fast

    I want to thank Farsight and command for letting me fly the F-15 on the orientation server. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.