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  1. YCooperY

    Operation Shield Down

    I'd like to try medic if that's possible
  2. YCooperY

    Operation Vindicans Vindicabo

    I'll take just about anything other than a marksmen, depending on what's needed
  3. YCooperY

    Well hello there

    Hey everyone! I know I've done a couple ops at this point, but I just made my account on the site so I thought I'd give my introduction. My name is Zack, but everyone calls me Coop or Cooper, so any of those will get my attention. I'm 25 years old living in the great white north (Canada), and although I got Arma 3 a long time ago, I never had people/a group to play with so I gave it an hour or so and let it collect dust. Farsight spotted me on Twitter looking for people, took pity on me and brought me in haha Anyways, it's been fun playing with you all so far and stoked to take on more ops, get killed a few more times and watch Farsight get blown up for the millionth time!