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  1. Olindrax

    Operation Valkyrie Descent

    Won't be able to make this one, I'll be on planes all day. Have fun, though!
  2. Olindrax

    Operation Tiger Strike

    Rifleman/GL, or LMG if we need more of those.
  3. Olindrax

    New Modlist-FINAL

    I had problems with my mod setup for the training op tonight (Wednesday April 18 2018), and the link doesn't seem to work. Steam says the mod compilation was removed. Is there another mod list? So far, I've been using this one and haven't had any problems until tonight: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=784976466
  4. Olindrax

    Belated introduction!

    Hello, everyone! Sorry I didn't make a post earlier, I got confused as to how applying worked. Anyway, my name is James, but online I generally go by Olindrax (or just "Drax" for brevity). I'm 20 years old, from the US, and know next to nothing of Arma 3. By that I mean that I think I've set up mods correctly and have played through a handful of single-player campaign missions. Nothing very difficult or strategic, but I'm looking forward to learning the game and having fun with you all!