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  1. MISSION BRIEFING 10/6/2018 9pm CST BACKGROUND INFORMATION Gentlemen, we have a new assignment. The Chernorussian civil war is winding down, with the major combatants retreating to relatively fixed areas of control. NATO/UN is overseeing the reconstruction of the Chernorussian government under a gentlemen the locals arent too fond of. Limited fighting and civilian unrest is rampant, and tensions remain high. The Russians, and the Chernorussians are currently Hostile to NATO forces! This is where we come in. UN/NATO has hired us to start a little import/export business to assist them in moving supplies in and out of the area. We have current contracts with NATO and IDAP in place, additionally we were also granted a business license from the provisional government to move goods within the country. Not a normal job, but due to the security situation in the country, our friends in Brussels figured we would be perfect for the job. With that said, our not so friends at the CIA took notice and decided to give us some grey area work due to our current unprecedented access to the country, they weren't specific, but I'm sure we will be hearing from them soon. MISSION & EXECUTION Time: 16:00 Objectives: TBD Rules Of Engagement: RETURN FIRE IF FIRED UPON Threat Level: RED (Caution) Insertion: CIVILIAN VEHICLES Respawn: TP TO CLOSEST SPARTAC VEHICLE Uniform: CIVILIANS, CONCEALED WEAPONS AND GEAR Equipment: Requirements: RADIOS ROLES NEEDED: RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: ALL VEHICLES, EQUIPMENT AT THE BASE OF OPERATIONS IS AVAILABLE FOR USE Weather Report: CLEAR Additional Information: INCOGNITO SCRIPT USAGE AFTER CHANGING YOUR CLOTHING AN OPTION WILL APPEAR TO CHECK YOUR DISGUISE THE SCRIPT WILL THEN SHOW YOU HOW YOUR DISGUISE LOOKS ADJUST CLOTHING AND GEAR, CONCEAL WEAPONS AND BINOS UNTIL YOU ARE SHOWN AS "GOOD" AFTER KILLING ENEMIES, FRIENDLIES OR CIVILIANS, YOU WILL HAVE THE OPTION TO TAKE THEIR DISGUISE WITH THE SCROLL WHEEL, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO DISGUISE YOURSELF AS ENEMY!! ACE ARSENAL USAGE ACE ARSENAL IS ACTIVE! ACE INTERACT WITH THE CRATES TO ACCESS THE ARSENAL Role Play Requirements: 0 Additional Intel: FORCE SUMMARY FRIENDLY FORCES ENEMY FORCES
  2. Mike

    Operation Devil's NIght

    I think your assessment is right on. Don't worry, this campaign is just starting, you will have time to apply what you learned
  3. Mike

    Operation Mjolnir

    This mission made me realize we need to practice security halts vs fixed positions, and management of multiple menuever elements.
  4. Mike

    Operation Morning Star

    1 helicopter, pilot will be on the squad channel. It will be explained.
  5. Mike

    Operation Morning Star

    Before everyone wets themselves, there is no fixed wing CAS. No FACs needed.
  6. All, Firstly, I want to apologize about the ongoing server and performance issues we have been facing. I am just as frustrated as I'm sure you all are. This botched migration our host decided to do right before the weekend was really the last straw for me. Additionally, we have reached a point where we have outgrown the capability of virtualized game servers provided by game server providers. What's the difference? Virtual servers like the one we are using are cloud based. A big pool of shared resources, say for example, 1,000 CPUs and 1TB of RAM with A storage network measured in Petabytes will collectively host 2,000 Game servers. The system architecture assigns resources to each virtual instance as needed (WITH RESOURCE CAPS!) to manage all 2,000 game servers. This is offered cheap, because distributed resources can be resold over and over and over. Running a true dedicated server is 1 computer, 1 user. The added benefit here is we can still run multiple arma 'servers' off of the new single dedicated unit. We will also be able to run headless clients on the same machine to maximize the CPU capability. I have just placed an order for this dedicated machine: Intel Xeon E3-1270v5 4 Cores x 3.6-4.0Ghz w/ HT CPU 32 GB RAM 240 GB SSD The above machine will be ours, no other servers, services or users will use this machine. That, I hope will cure the lag, desync and otherwise god awful issues we have been seeing the last month or so. Now, there are 1000s of companies offering dedicated machines. Performance and uptime vary wildly between these companies. We shall see how this particular provider goes. If it still isn't up to par, I have a couple fairly priced backups we can try. Pricing ranges from about $100 to $360 a month based on hardware needed to run Arma. The price from this provider is about $150/month, about triple what we pay now. Soon I will setup a way to donate to the server costs. These donations will ONLY be used to cover the server costs, and whatever isn't covered by donations, I will cover myself. Stay Tuned for new IPs. To kick start the coffers for the server costs, I'm going to do a raffle for a couple copies of tanks DLC. 1 entry for every $5 donated, 3 copies up for grabs!
  7. MISSION BRIEFING 12/17/2017 6pm CST BACKGROUND INFORMATION Welcome to Diyali Province gentlemen. A contract has been provided extending over multiple contractors all wanting similar but albeit varying levels of support and security. The situation in the province is tense. A new local leader is to be elected in the coming weeks with public outcry for the candidates being high. Small attacks have taken place over the province but nothing more than intermittent rifle fire and hand grenade attacks. Also IDAP aid workers are in the province providing food water, repairs etc since ISIS were pushed out the area by a joint effort from Iraqi security forces and NATO airstrikes. There have been reports of supplies going missing, equipment destroyed, and people disappearing. It is speculated that a small ISIS cell is still operating in the area in an attempt to continue to sow fear and panic. The Hades Group will be taking assignments off the books. We will be furthering Spartan interests and objectives MISSION & EXECUTION Our objective is to move to location REDACTED and establish radio contact with REDACTED asset call sign REDACTED. We will receive further instructions from REDACTED and then execute Time: 06:00 Objectives: Primary - ESTABLISH LR RADIO CONTACT WITH ASSET Rules Of Engagement: RFO (RETURN FIRE ONLY) Threat Level: AMBER (CAUTION) Insertion: DESERT CAPABLE VEHICLES Respawn: TL or Zeus Discretion Extraction: CONVOY Uniform: NO VISIBLE INSIGNIA Equipment: STANDARD FIRETEAM Requirements: LR RADIO
  8. Mike

    Ammo Guide

    I can do that
  9. Mike

    Ammo Guide

    That depends on a lot of factors. What scope? 855A1 'should' require quite a bit of adjustment to make it to 1,000m out of a 10.5" barrel BDC scopes in arma are zeroed at 100m and the reticle 'changes' to reflect the ballistics of what your are shooting so the stadia is accurate from cartridge to cartridge.
  10. Mike

    Ammo Guide

    Some of you have asked about the numerous types of ammo available with SMA/RHS/ACE. I haven't taken the time as of yet to write this up, only because I haven't tested to see if any of this actually matters, however after some time in the virtual arsenal, there are some mild differences and effectiveness. See below: For the TL:DR Crowd, my choices are highlighted Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Blank, M200 [Crimped tip with Violet lacquer seal]: 5.56×45mm training blank cartridge. Should be pretty self explanatory. I don't know why this is included in RHS, but here we are Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Ball, M855 [Green tip]: 5.56×45mm 62-grain FN SS109-equivalent ball cartridge with a steel penetrator tip over a lead core in a full copper jacket. Used 1982 - Present. This round sucks because it maintains velocity after hitting soft targets, and pretty much sucks against modern ceramic armor so I skip it. Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Ball, M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round [unpainted steel penetrator tip] (2010–Present): 62-grain bullet w/ a 19-grain steel penetrator tip over a copper alloy core in a partial copper jacket. Lead Free Obama rounds. This round is the 'standard' when you pull a 5.56 SMA gun. This round also sucks against unarmored targets. It's okay against targets wearing armor. Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Tracer, M856 [Orange tip]: 5.56×45mm 63.7-grain FN L110 tracer cartridge. Provides red visible light and lacks a steel penetrator. Tracer 1982 - Present Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Tracer, M856A1 [Red tip]: 5.56×45mm 56-grain Lead Free slug (LF) Tracer with similar ballistic performance to the M855A1 and improved trace to range consistency. Lead Free Obama Tracer to match the M855A1 Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Armor Piercing, M995 [Black tip]: 5.56×45mm 52-grain AP cartridge with a tungsten core. Its Armor Piercing Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Tracer, XM996 [Crimson tip]: So-called "Dim Tracer" with reduced effect primarily for use with night vision devices. These are available in game as 'Tracer, IR'. It's a tracer you can only see with NODS Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Special Ball, Long Range, Mk 262 Mod 0/1: 5.56×45mm 77-grain Open-Tipped Match/Hollow-Point Boat-Tail cartridge. Mod 0 features Sierra Matchking bullet, while Mod 1 features either Nosler or Sierra bullet. Now we are getting somewhere. This round rocks in long and short barreled 5.56 guns. This is usually my go to Round. Designed for 18"-20" barrels, but the extra velocity and bullet weight make it perfect for up close in 10.5" guns. Okay against armor Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm Ball, Enhanced 5.56 mm Carbine, MK318 MOD 0: 5.56×45mm 62-grain Open-Tipped Match Boat-Tail cartridge. Designated as Caliber 5.56 mm Ball, Carbine, Barrier. Also Called "SOST" and is available as an IR Tracer VERY NIIICE This is my second choice. Barrier Blind round good for soft cover penetration. Good performance against armor and unarmored. designed for 10.5" - 14.5" guns Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Ball, M80 (United States): 147-grain (9.5 g) 7.62×51mm NATO ball cartridge. Standard 7.62 NATO Ammo. Fairly good all around Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Ball, Enhanced Projectile Round, M80A1 (United States): 130-grain (8.4 g)[17] M80 Lead Free (LF) 7.62×51mm NATO ball cartridge.[18] 114.5-grain (7.4 g) of lead eliminated per M80A1 projectile. Shitty Obama round, SMA standard Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Ball, Special, M118LR (United States): 175-grain (11.3 g) 7.62×51mm NATO Match-grade round specifically designed for long-range sniping. It uses a 175-grain (11.3 g) Sierra Match King Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet. Great round. Heavy hitter, great for long range, gobs of power out of Short barreled guns too, at close engagement ranges Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Armor Piercing, M993 (United States): 126.6 grains (8.2 g) 7.62×51mm NATO armor-piercing round, black cartridge tip. Armor Piercing Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm Special Ball, Long Range, MK 316 MOD 0 (United States): A 175-grain (11.3 g) round specifically designed for long-range sniping consisting of Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Boat Tail projectiles, Federal Cartridge Company match cartridge cases and Gold Medal Match primers. The Propellant has been verified as IMR 4064 (per NSN 1305-01-567-6944 and Federal Cartridge Company Contract/Order Number N0016408DJN28 and has a charge weight per the specs of 41.745-grain (2.7 g) Modern M118LR. Great all around choice Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Ball, Barrier, T762TNB1 MK319 MOD 0 (United States): 7.62×51mm NATO Enhance Behind barrier performance Enhance Function & casualty and muzzle flash requirements in short barrel carbines, 130 grains (8.4 g). 7.62mm Barrel Blind ammo, for soft cover penetration. Another good choice Let me know if there are any questions