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  1. NickiChaos

    Operation Hide and Seek

    Don't think I have anything going on this weekend so i'm in.
  2. NickiChaos

    Farsight's handywork

  3. NickiChaos

    Show Us Your Setup

    Alienware 17 R2 - 16GB RAM - 128GB SSD boot drive (M.2) - 480GB SSD Storage (M.2) - 1TB HDD - GeForce 970m - Graphics Amplifier w/ GeForce GTX1070 Asus 24' Display Logitech X530 speakers Sades Snuk 7.1 Virtual Surround Headset Pic to follow
  4. NickiChaos

    Operation Sandstorm mission briefing.

    Sorry guys. I won't be able to make it to this one. Gotta log in to work tonight and get a project done.
  5. NickiChaos

    Operation Kraken Mission Briefing

    I'm in. I'll lead bravo.
  6. Won't be able make this one due to my company golf tournament.
  7. NickiChaos

    GPU Recommendation

    Well.. The graphics amp came in about a week ago... but the shop I order the 1070 from didn't get any in time for the release date so I'm stuck waiting until they get it...
  8. NickiChaos

    Thoughts on the 1.6 Visual Update?

    Maybe it's just me, but other than the water, I'm just not noticing a difference.
  9. NickiChaos

    GPU Recommendation

    I used to build my own but the heat output, power consumption and mass amounts of space they take up just aren't worth it to me and I'd prefer a gaming laptop. Don't get me wrong, the Alienware is doing heaps of good. I've just not had a good experience dealing with Dell so when it's time for an upgrade in 3-4 years, I'll likely go ASUS or Razer. I'll probably lean towards a vendor with external GPU boxes. The Razer Core is alright and I'm keeping an eye on ASUS' external GPU box. I just hate that the thunderbolt connection on the Razer Core is a shared one unlike the alienware's where the PCI-E connection is separated from the USB so there's no bandwidth bottlenecking.
  10. NickiChaos

    Community Achievements Suggestions

    I need dis....
  11. NickiChaos

    GPU Recommendation

    No, they don't. After this Graphics Amp and Laptop I'm never going near them again.
  12. NickiChaos

    GPU Recommendation

    Well... I gotta wait another month before the Graphics Amp actually gets shipped because Dell is a bunch of morons when it comes to inventory management, or rather lack thereof.