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  1. sparkstable

    OPERATION: Poking The Hornets Nest

    Will take SL or TL as needed. Will run as a medic.
  2. sparkstable


    Medic/rifleman with a few demo charges. Will SL/TL if needed.
  3. sparkstable

    Sup everyone

    Glad you made it to the op! Again, sucks you had a DC at the last minute. You missed seeing a Russian fire an RPG at a near stationary C-130 full of guys and MISS from about 100m, lol. Hope you get to make it to more ops!
  4. sparkstable

    Operation Amicis Vale

    LMG! Will also SL or TL if needed.
  5. sparkstable

    Operation Praue Cultis

    Rifleman with light medic kit and demo.
  6. sparkstable

    Friday Fight Night

    LMG please!
  7. sparkstable

    Operation Pugnus Irae

    As I said in the discord... I will not be available for this one.
  8. sparkstable

    Operation Trauma's Angels

    Rifleman with light medic loadout. Willing to SL or TL.
  9. sparkstable

    Operation Haunted Heart

    Demo/light medic kit Willing to SL or TL as needed.
  10. sparkstable

    Operation Xenophon's Children

    Medic with the stranded team.
  11. sparkstable

    Operation Omen Malum

    Either 240 or medic/rifleman. Also open to SL or TL if needed.
  12. sparkstable

    Operation Trip Hammer

    I should be able to make it. I'll run as a medic/rifleman. Also wouldn't mind running full squad or a small team, either is fine, if needed.
  13. sparkstable

    Operation Snake Eyes

    I will run medic/rifleman unless something else is needed of me.