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  1. sparkstable

    Prob gonna get a new car in about 1 yr

    I currently drive an 04 Civic that is dinged up, slightly crumpled hood, cracked bumper, etc. It is the below basic model... no power windows, no cruise control, no power locks... nothing. 4 cylinder and sloooow to speed up. Gets good gas but I cant deal with that anymore. I need something to make me happy this time around.
  2. sparkstable


    I havent even heard of it. What's the synopsis? And Demo Man is a guilty pleasure of mine... except I have no guilt or shame about it. I quote it everytime I want Taco Bell.
  3. sparkstable


    I should be there.
  4. sparkstable

    Operation Novus Vicinus

    I should be there. But did I read that right that we will be using Russian arms instead of our own weapons?
  5. So... I've been window shopping lately. For a while I was leaning towards a 370Z. But I think it has fallen out of favor with me. I'm now torn between a Mazda MX-5 RF and a Mustang. I'm trying to stay around/under 40k. These are two very different types of cars and I can't seem to decide. Any petrol heads got any ideas/thoughts?
  6. sparkstable


    Anyone seen this on Netflix yet? Reviews seem split between "OMG GREATEST EVUH!" to "OMG PURE CRAP!" I thought it was a perfectly fine movie. My wife really liked it and found it terrifying. I didn't find it terrifying or anything, except the elements involving other people as a threat to the main character. The sci-fi creepy element just didn't do it for me. But it did have Sandy B... and she's one of my favs. So there was that.
  7. sparkstable

    FNG (Fluffy New Guy!)

    Thick skin will serve you well here. In fact... I think the one rule that is enforced more than all others is that no one is allowed to get offended. Being offensive is perfectly acceptable, and often encouraged... but BEING offended? If you are... that's a personal problem, not ours, lol. Summer times can be slow sometimes, especially with ARMA. We have a server up that's usually running ALIVE or Liberation. @Joe is usually on most nights it seems. If you ever want to play, just post on discord and ask. But despite that... weekend ops still happen as frequently as possible. So far I think I've only seen one op be called off due to low attendance.
  8. sparkstable

    Hi, I'm the new Liason!

    Just wanted to take a second to say, officially, "Hello, I'm the new SPARTAC Liaison." I will be taking over for Gidget who has had to step away due to makin' money in real life. There are three main reasons you may need to contact the SPARTAC Liason. FIRST- You are new to ARMA and have no clue what's going on. You don't know what to do in game, you don't know how a radio works, you don't know which end of the gun points at the bad guy. No problems... I, too, was a complete noob in the ARMA world not that long ago. I'm still no super expert (actually, I'm still pretty noobish I think)... but I can get your feet on the ground and help you figure out what's what. Or, maybe you just don't know what to do about SPARTAC itself. How do you get involved? How do you become a part of the family? What do you do now that you've come to the website? I can help you there, too. For in game help, the best thing to do is let me know you've got some questions (see below how to reach me) and set aside some time after one of the weekend operations. We'll get you sorted, no probs. SECOND- You have an issue within SPARTAC. Another member and you have beef? Got a problem with how things are going in SPARTAC? Come see me and we can work it out so everyone is happy. I'm "THAT" guy. Doesn't matter if your problem is with a new member, an old vet, or Farsight himself... I'm the guy you come to with issues. The reason you come to me is to keep the other officer's plates empty so they can make ARMA things happen. That's a full time job as it is and this allows them to stay focused on providing everyone an enjoyable experience in and out of game. Any complaints, compliments, or suggestions you want to make about SPARTAC as a whole can come to me and I'll be sure to get that info on to where it needs to go as well. THIRD- You are a big hockey fan and like to talk about it. I live in Oklahoma and NO ONE here likes hockey except my wife and I. GO PENS!!!! Sooooooo..... with all that said, how do you reach me if you need to? The best way is to send me a PM here in the website. I check the site several times a day usually. If it's a little more urgent, then a message via steam would reach me quickest. I'm going to probably interact with you via text in some way, just be prepared. My time on TS is usually pretty sparse during the week, but if a chat is required, we can certainly get one going. Now that we've got that out of the way, don't be afraid to drop me a line if you need to. sparkstable SPARTAC Liaison
  9. sparkstable

    Operation Valkyrie Descent

    Should be able to make it. Sounds fun... unless you're Zeus, Trauma. If so... IDAP can go ahead and grab their ankles now cause we're about to get boned!! ?
  10. sparkstable

    I didn't realize this was here

    A new recruit that comes with "radio discipline" as a standard feature?!?!?! YES PLEASE!!!! Kidding aside... welcome to the single most dysfunctional and abusive group I've ever been a part of. It's great, amazing, and makes me smile every day. If you can give as good as you get, you'll fit in fine.
  11. sparkstable

    Operation Valiant Hearts

    I should be there. May be just a tad late but not by much if any.
  12. sparkstable

    Operation Tiger Strike

    Saturday's hockey game may cause me to have to sit this one out. Just a heads up.
  13. sparkstable

    Operation Tiger Strike

    Team Lead > Squad Lead >Medic > LMG
  14. I pointed out that we got discombobulated once we got to the overlook. We were taking fire from quite a ways away and it got us mixed up. Also pointed out that tanks, when used right, are awesome; otherwise they are metal coffins. I think most people get a false sense of security in them (myself included). Infantry support would have been good, I agree. The tight quarters in the radio tower was death for us. Too small for the two tanks to provide close support. A better turnout allowing us two tanks with ground support would have been sick. As for the ammo... Arma gonna Arma. Shout out to Gidget for trying to sort that for us.