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  1. VikingAus

    Operation Toxotai

    I'll be there if I'm awake. No promises
  2. VikingAus

    Operation Neptune's Trident

    Soz lad already claimed it. Your all gonna be called so many aussie names its gonna be great
  3. VikingAus

    Operation Neptune's Trident

    I'm 85% sure I'll make it. Only thing thatll stop me is if I fall asleep. So I'll do any role I'm asked of
  4. VikingAus

    Operation Holy Rover

    I sbould definitely be there so if you want i can take element. If someone else wants it or we dont get alot of people Ill grab a LMG.
  5. VikingAus

    Operation Tiger Strike

    i will be there and will Element if it is needed
  6. Its a possibility that i may be there.
  7. VikingAus

    Operation Devil's NIght

    Ill jump in the chopper tonight as gunner
  8. VikingAus

    Operation Athena Rising

    Element lead or ambush/mortar team
  9. VikingAus

    Operation Vile Samoon

    The last time i remember you using a UAV you got a bombed dropped on our extract chopper
  10. VikingAus

    12/23/2017 Santa's Revenge

    Shall see what happens. At this point i cant make it
  11. VikingAus

    16-12-2017 Operation Valiant Spear

    Well if i make it id like to do the element lead role for the OP again. If noone else wants to do it.
  12. VikingAus

    16-12-2017 Operation Valiant Spear

    At this point i wont be able to make it, but have a 25% chance i will get the day off to come one.
  13. VikingAus

    Dungeons and Dragons

    Get on it