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  1. Sgt. Long Nose

    Operation Pro Iustitia

    Will be there
  2. Sgt. Long Nose

    Operation Aegri Somnia

    I will be there
  3. Sgt. Long Nose

    Qualification course

    Do we have to say what we want and then qualify for it? Or if you know we can do it, do we just say what we want? @Farsight @LRRRtheDestroyer I would like to qualify for everything that is up there (especially Piloting) if we have to say something here.
  4. Sgt. Long Nose

    Operation Oracle

    Pilot or UAV overwatch please
  5. Sgt. Long Nose

    [LD] Operation Sherlock

    Nevermind its season finale GoT
  6. Sgt. Long Nose

    [LD] Operation HellHounds

    I will be there for sure this time
  7. Sgt. Long Nose

    [LD] Operation Black Lake

    If we are flying there, Can I be the pilot and UAV operator? If not just put me where ever
  8. Sgt. Long Nose

    Operation Trident

    Pilot and UAV if needed
  9. Sgt. Long Nose

    [LD] Operation SpearHead

    If you need a pilot or drone coverage of the area I got that. If not put me where ever
  10. Sgt. Long Nose

    Lessons for Flying and Droning

    Wednsday anytime past 12pm est?
  11. Sgt. Long Nose

    Lessons for Flying and Droning

    If anybody in this group would like to learn either to fly any kind of chopper and/or any drone just send me a message through steam if you have me (click on my profile and my steam should be linked if you don't) or even just reply to this post and we can set up a time that works best. If multiple people want to learn then we can have a group lesson be held or different 1v1s at different times. From now till September I am free because for me I have summer break. So if anyone is truly interested in learning please do not be afraid and ask. -BH
  12. Sgt. Long Nose

    Operation Whirlwind

    CH47 pilot or Icarus of some sort
  13. Sgt. Long Nose

    [LD] Operation Last Goodbye

    pilot and overwatch
  14. Sgt. Long Nose

    [LD] Operation Fireworks

    go LMG to mow these fuckers down