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  1. PanzerShock

    Arma 3 ScreenShots

    When you spend your time doing scrub Arma photo shoots like me, you probably need a girlfriend!
  2. PanzerShock

    Operation Valkyrie Descent

    Provided nothing comes up I will join as Engineer.
  3. PanzerShock

    Operation Shield Wall

    Ill pack a GPMG.
  4. PanzerShock

    Operation Devil's NIght

    Im on for AR
  5. PanzerShock

    Operation Athena Rising

    Ambush team LMG gunner plz
  6. PanzerShock

    Arma 3 ScreenShots

    Some sexy Spartac promo pictures? I just took these for a new wallpaper.
  7. PanzerShock

    Operation Gondor Calls for Aid

    You need a drone operator? I can operate your drones.
  8. PanzerShock

    SPARTAC Merch

    Where do I gets? I must have them now.
  9. PanzerShock

    [LD} Operation Back to School

    Im in, rifleman w/ toolkit. Will change if need be.
  10. PanzerShock

    [LD] Operation WhiteFox

    Im in for Rifleman with toolkit. I can pack extra rounds for an AR if need be.