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    SPARTAC Patches Interest

    Updated estimated price per patch: $2.87
  2. Dakota

    SPARTAC Patches Interest

    This thread is to gather interest in whether or not members would like the option to buy SPARTAC patches. The more interest there is the less the patches cost. Please reply if interested with how many patches you'd realistically be interested in purchasing. I can then factor as a group if we can afford to go through with it, and what the bulk quantity I'd need to get is. Embroidered Patches: Bulk Order - Price Per Patch (USD) 10 --------- $12.51 15 --------- $8.53 20 --------- $6.49 25 --------- $5.30 50 --------- $2.87 <--- CURRENT PRICE BASED ON INTEREST 75 --------- $2.09 100 ------- $1.67
  3. Dakota

    SPARTAC Merch

    Interested in purchasing some SPARTAC Merch from our newly crafted options? Holding off because you're worried about if they'll live up to your high standards when it comes to quality merchandise? Well fret no longer. I have some photos of merch purchased through the stores below, and will continue to update as more items are seen in the wild. T-Shirts: Embroidered FlexFit Cap: Stickers:
  4. Dakota

    SPARTAC Merch

    I am very happy with the shirt and hat. The stickers I am a little disappointed on.. wanted the colors to pop a bit more. Will be exploring a different vendor for those. Otherwise I can attest that they all look great in person and are super comfortable.
  5. Dakota

    SPARTAC Patches Interest

    Updated current price per patch based on interest to 5.37 10 more and that drops to 2.87
  6. Dakota

    SPARTAC Patches Interest

    Ok, I'll reframe this post. Please complete the poll attached.
  7. Dakota

    Tactical Team

  8. Dakota

    For the rest of the nerds

    I'm an Intel person. Looking at a Kaby Lake upgrade in the near future.
  9. Dakota

    New Brand

    One of the many things I've been working on in the background here at SPARTAC was a revamped branding to reflect our growth these past few months, this has been one of the priority items I've needed to move forward on as it affects other things in the works as well. I apologize for the delay in the website update, but it is coming along in addition to the next SPARTAC mod update which is still being tweaked in addition to the other items. Nevertheless, I can mark the rebrand of SPARTAC off the list and present to you the new look: There are a few different variants you may see around that all branch from this main design including single and full color options, gold and silver helmet options and text / textless options. The patches in game will be updated to reflect the change accordingly and we are exploring affordable merchandise options in the future as well such as stickers/ patches/ etc. I hope you enjoy the new look and find it something you'll be proud to unite under. - D
  10. Dakota

    SPARTAC On Social Media

    SPARTAC is getting a social media presence going to crosspost some of our news, announcements, events and so on. Everyone is welcome to like, follow and so on. Hoping this may allow you to keep up with some of the news and updates on the go. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpartanTacticalGroup/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/spartantacticaI YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxu_fH-9IIRGK7mwY35c2uA If anybody wants to share some videos for the YouTube page or any other stuff for any of the other pages feel free to send em my way and I'll get em up! Thanks - Dakota
  11. Dakota

    Thank You Bankshaft

    Operation Blood Hound Operation Furball Operation First Aid Operation Spooky Fox Operation Hold Out Operation Kraken For any of you who have taken part in any of the operations referenced above, you'll surely have fond memories of some great times shared with friends. For nearly two months straight, @J.Bankshaft has dedicated his time to us to ensure that each week we had a well planned mission scenario to look forward to on our Tactical Op nights. More than just a few enemies thrown down in Zeus, each was carefully crafted with clear objectives, mission background, intelligence briefs and more. And each week, we grew to love them more and more. Bankshaft will be entering a new line of work in the next few weeks (after "getting drunk on a beach" somewhere of course) and this new job will require a lot of his time to be dedicated elsewhere. We wish him only the best and thank him for all that he has done to provide hours upon hours of fun for our members. His missions have grown to define a good part of what SPARTAC is and what we do, and we can't thank him enough for it. Bankshaft will return in the future, but we hope you'll all join us in wishing him well in his endeavors until then.
  12. Dakota

    SPARTAC.NET Development

    As you may have noticed, SPARTAC.NET recently received a facelift with a new look and some subtle new features. This update was released in "beta" as it is still under active development, however I felt it was important to get the new updates out soon to ensure the best GUI was available for the forums following a recent software update that broke some old features in the old skin. Along with this new visual update comes a new method of sharing news and updates with you regarding everything from minor team news, development updates and mission briefings. This also is a work in progress as I tailor it to fit the needs of our officers and content creators so I ask that you please be patient with me during that time while not hesitating to provide feedback. I hope you'll all enjoy the updates thus far in addition to those to come and I thank you for your patience, understanding and continued commitment to Spartan Tactical Group.
  13. Finally, go inside the @task_force_radio folder you just moved. And within that folder you should see another folder called teamspeak. Go into that teamspeak folder to see the plugin for TS3. Double click the plugin to open the installer and click install.
  14. Copy/move the @task_force_radio file to your arma game directory. For most users, the ARMA game folder is located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3
  15. Dakota

    Extract ZIP File

    Once downloaded you will be presented with a ZIP file. Extract that file, and inside you should see a folder called @task_force_radio
  16. The first step to setting up Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) is to obtain the latest version. You can download the latest version of TFAR from the official website here: http://radio.task-force.ru/en/
  17. Dakota


    Current situation as of 11 Mar, 2017: In an Unprecedented attack, the North Has Launched a massive attack against the South. Spartac showed its prowess on the battlefield that day, and demonstrated it's value. We have been offered a contract for the duration of the hostilities should we so choose. Any Spactac employees who wish to decline the contract are welcome to, but this will be your last chance. With our Defense of Pariso, and the government sector including the MoD the government of South Sahrani still stands. I have been working closely with senior leadership to determine what assets the South still has, and where best we can assist. The South was caught nearly completely off guard.
  18. Dakota


    This is an example comment and or reply to the operation.
  19. Dakota


    The current situation prompting our mission/tasks goes here.
  20. Dakota

    Help with ArmaSync

    This is the for sure fix. Those java errors have popped up when a file gets corrupted and throws things out of wack. This usually happens when a person tries to download while the new version is being uploaded. Also ensure you are using the newest repo IP which is 192.xxxxxxxx vs the otehr which I believe started with a 67.xxxxxxx I would suggest trying to delete the userconfig and spartac_ace folders first as those are the easiest downloads. If the error persists you'll have to delete spartac_ace, userconfig and spartanpmc unfortunately and redownload the whole thing.
  21. Dakota

    SPARTAC for my new truck.

    Kewl, I have a machine to make actual vinyl decals. If enough people are interested I can make some of the current or legacy logo in a few different options.
  22. Dakota

    Custom Spartac Teamspeak Skin

    I need to change our server banner one of these days now that we have some great screenshots
  23. We're happy to see you back
  24. Dakota

    Pokemon Go

    I enjoy the stories, I'm sure some great urban legend style stories will come out of the fad, but I'd be impressed if it lasts more than a month as Americans have short attention spans. Otherwise, I don't play it. Never understood the Pokeman thing.
  25. Dakota

    Where to?

    Let it be known that we will eventually, if not sooner vs later, end up on Tanoa. The idea is to allow some transition time for everyone to get caught up, bills to pay, mouths to feed, etc. The biggest issue we currently face is that of server resources vs cost. We currently utilize a dedicated VPS server to be able to run multiple games at once, but we are limited on how far we can push that for our current cost point. We will be upgrading a bit soon thanks to a donation from @B1azingPh03nix and continued monetary support from @Mike to be able to offer a bit more in terms of options to all of you. We want to be able to provide every option we can but at the end of the day we do have to choose the path best fit for the group as a whole. So with all the requests for PVP, I&A, Ops, Boot camps, Tanoa and other maps as options. We're all for that. But at the same time, we can only have so many up at a time before performance is limited. And ARMA, she is not a friendly beast in that regards lol. So just keep that in mind, and as always, donations to further push capabilities are always appreciated but not required.