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  • Dakota



    Zero Hour: 03/19/2017 03:00 AM


    Welcome to Southern Sahrani.

    After our recent run of PMC operations gaining valuable combat experience, The government of Southern Sahrani at the direction of the Royal Family has hired us on a government contract to train some of their units. Those who do not know, Southern Sahrani is bordered by a not so friendly nation to the north. There is a long tradition of tension between the neighbors, but since the establishment of the DMZ some 27 years ago, there has not been a single border incursion. The interest in extra training by Southern Sahrani MoD was sparked by the North signing a mutual defense pact with CSAT, which typically indicates full membership in the Bloc will follow shortly. A NATO Exercise is scheduled to take place off the shore of Southern Sahrani in the next 90 days in response, and NATO has invited observers from the Southern Sahrani Leadership.


    Current situation as of 11 Mar, 2017:

    In an Unprecedented attack, the North Has Launched a massive attack against the South. Spartac showed its prowess on the battlefield that day, and demonstrated it's value. We have been offered a contract for the duration of the hostilities should we so choose. Any Spactac employees who wish to decline the contract are welcome to, but this will be your last chance.

    With our Defense of Pariso, and the government sector including the MoD the government of South Sahrani still stands. I have been working closely with senior leadership to determine what assets the South still has, and where best we can assist. The South was caught nearly completely off guard.


    Okay guys we got another one. We will be moving to a town called Rahmadi it is on a Island southwest Corner from the main island. The Pilot that we rescued last Sunday told us that he overheard some guards talking about how they were testing new weapons over there. We are gonna be going over there and destroying those weapons before they have a chance to use them on us. We will have gun boats to help us on on the attack.


    TIME:Morning, Midday
    Main Element: Dakota, Sgt. Long Nose, Delta
    Intercept Team: Farsight
    Recon Team:
    Primary Infil Method:Car
    Primary Exfil Method:Boat

    Edited by Dakota

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