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    MISSION BRIEFING  03/16/2019 9pm CST (SP @ 0910) BACKGROUND INFORMATION Saint Kapaulio is and has been a United States stronghold for decades. The large island has seen history written in its sands, mountains, and hallowed grounds. To its natural residents the constant military exercises have pushed some to rebel. Much of the Island has alot of equipment left from the Soviet Union who occupied the island. Old mine fields are common in this region to the extent that much of the island is off limits to the public. Local economy derives from fisheries but is trumped by the inland farms. Each major town runs its own political structure while many enact a 2200 curfew for all residents. Local militias roam the area to stop vandalism and the heavy black market exports. All further information will be redacted and Spartac presence in this area must remain unknown. The Agency has called upon spartac to help with the insurgency. While the area is beautiful, do not travel unarmed or in US camouflage. The rebels do not take kindly to those that resemble soldiers. Avoid all contact with US military unless otherwise authorised. An old Special forces compound has been lended to spartac while we operate in this region. Supplies will be granted and assets are plentiful. SIT REP: The Insurgents are known to operate out of three key towns. Using them as a launching point for small attacks on US convoys. Their armaments include surplus soviet tech and makeshift EIDs. Previous Operation Statuses OPERATION: Party Crashers = COMPLETE MISSION & EXECUTION After the successful capture of an insurgent leader. The Agency has deemed it pertinent we eliminate the insurgent cell. After “questioning” the leader has given up 4 locations in which the insurgents operate out of. We will be tasked with eliminating all terrorist in these areas. The first is a small upscale housing complex. It is defended by emplaced weapons, and is covered with roving guards. The second is a small shanty village, which is used as a choke point for US convoys. The third location is the home of the insurgent leader. While this area is occupied by civilian in this town it has been deemed acceptable losses. The leaders house will be hit with an airstrike guided by a forward observer. Lastly the Insurgents are using an old castle as a supply dump. we will be eliminating the insurgents and calling in an agency helicopter to retrieve a designated item. All other supplies will be set ablaze. The attack will be done during one of the largest training exercises on the island. The background noise will cover our assault into the area. Time: 0530 Objectives: ⦁ Primary ⦁ Neutralize Housing Area ⦁ Neutralize Shanty Town ⦁ Call For Fire on Insurgent Leaders House ⦁ Clear Castle and Call in Agency Helicopter ⦁ Secondary ⦁ Avoid Military compounds ⦁ Do not alert any forms of QRF ⦁ Search buildings for Intel ⦁ Destroy Castle Supplies ⦁ Tertiary - REMAIN UNDETECTED EN ROUTE TO AND FROM TARGET A.O. Rules Of Engagement: Fire At Will (Dangerous) Threat Level: Light (low) Insertion: Pickup Trucks and vans Respawn: ZEUS DISCRETION UNIFORM: Tropical EQUIPMENT: MID RANGE RIFLES REQUIREMENTS: ROLES NEEDED: ⦁ Team lead X1 ⦁ Squad lead X2 ⦁ Fire Support team for 3rd objective (3x PAX) *they will detach for 3rd objective* RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: AGENCY UAV Weather Report: Clear Role Play Requirements: 0 Additional Intel: Image 1- Housing Area  Image 2 - Shanty Town Image 3 - Leaders House (center Building) Image 4 - Castle MAP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=939686262