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    MISSION BRIEFING Required Map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=909547724 01/13/2019 9pm CST (WE ARE WHEELS UP @ 9) BACKGROUND INFORMATION The client we've contracted with is short on manpower and has large list of enemies. We're being tasked with tracking down and eliminating an arms supplier in the region. While Western forces have a sizable presence in the area, tribal militants have a heavy presence. We will staging our operations on a U.S. airbase, please be respectful of the facilities while in country. At no point while deployed on this contract should you be unarmed. DO NOT TRAVEL ALONE, AS WESTERNERS PRESENT A TARGET OF OPPORTUNITY. SIT REP: Last week's raid was successful in eliminating the HVT, however Spartac was unable to locate the weapons cache. As a result militants in the region are well supplied and the attacks on friendly forces have increased. MISSION & EXECUTION Reconnoiter the suspect compound located in the town of Arobster. A militia friendly to Western forces is in control of the area, avoid conflict with them at all costs. Time: 01:00 Objectives: Primary - DESTROY WEAPONS CACHE Secondary - ELIMINATE SUPPLY COORDINATORS Tertiary - REMAIN UNDETECTED / ELIMINATE CACHE BEFORE "FRIENDLY" QRF ARRIVES Intel: Compound LOCATED ON THE EASTERN SIDE OF TOWN Rules Of Engagement: RETURN FIRE ONLY (YELLOW) Threat Level: RED (HIGH) Insertion: HELO Respawn: ZEUS DISCRETION Uniform: MC WITH SPARTAC INSIGNIA Equipment: SUPPRESSED RIFLES WITH INTER-OPERABLE/ COMMON ROUND TYPE 5.56 (RHS) Requirements: 4 X DEMOLITION BLOCKS ROLES NEEDED: ELEMENT AND FIRETEAM LEADS. RIFLEMEN ONLY RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: REDACTED Weather Report: UNKNOWN Additional Information: PLEASE STATE YOUR PREFERRED ROLE BELOW (ELEMENT LEAD AND FIRETEAM LEADERS ESPECIALLY) Role Play Requirements: 0
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    Ooh..sounds delicious!