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    MISSION BRIEFING 7/14/2018 9pm CST BACKGROUND INFORMATION Syndikate forces driven from Tanoa have decided to take residence in Isla Duala and have begun a massive piracy operation in the area. Alongside this growing problem a Boko Haram cell is also operating in the area, attacking NATO FOB's, kidnapping locals, extorting business's and general terrorist activity. This has created a refugee problem since people have lost their homes and possesions. IDAP has stepped in to take care of these and setup a camp east of Kinsella in the south. They also have problems with raids. Supplies have been stolen IDAP workers injured and property damaged. However NATO has offered little support so we may be called upon to offer assistance. Finally RACS, the formal Army of Saharani has been conducting massive military drills in the waters to North. Obviously the Dualan government is concerned of an impending attack. The two nations have come to blows over sovereignty of the island many times and RACS has recently received a major budget increase as well as the defacto president of Saharani being ousted in a coup. Due to this NATO sent in a peacekeeping force consisting of Hellenic Mechanized Infantry and UK/US advisory staff to assist in keeping the area stable and deter RACS from launching any sort of offensive on the small island nation. It is by no means a fully fledged fighting force as they are operating under Dualan command. The are operating out of Fort Boko to the East of Bolabongo. Needless to say tensions are running high. Be aware of your surroundings, keep the current status quo, and DO NOT INVOLVE YOURSELF IN ONGOING CONFLICTS. MISSION & EXECUTION SURVIVE. Time: AS PER Objectives: High ranking officials are preparing to leave the Islands and have requested our help in extracting them from key locations and transporting them to a waiting C-130. Be aware that RACS have sent hit squads in a effort to eliminate them to further destabilize the country, speed and precision are going to be key. Primary - Extract high ranking officials Secondary - Eliminate all RACS hit squads Tertiary - Defend area around waiting C-130 Rules Of Engagement: EOS (ENGAGE ON SIGHT). Threat Level: RED (DANGER). Insertion: Helicopter. Respawn: 15 Seconds - Teleport. Extraction: Helicopter. Uniform: Terrain appropriate. Equipment: Lightweight load outs advised. Under 50 lbs ideal. Requirements: 1x Dedicated transport pilot for re spawns & rapid insertions/extractions. Medics, for on site first aid. Engineer for Repairs. RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: 1x Marshall LAV (SPARTAC),3x MRAP Unarmed (SPARTAC) , 2x RHIB (NATO LOAN), 1x MK-V SOV (NATO LOAN), 1x MH-9 (SPARTAC), Man portable fire support weapons (Mortars, HMG's etc.) Weather Report: Clear Skies, Visibility - 3km, Tide strength - Moderate. Additional Information: Any and all equipment that is destroyed will be lost. Role Play Requirements: As needed. Additional Intel: RACS have many random foot patrols protecting their held territories. If spotted engage and destroy quickly to prevent reinforcements coming.