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    Going to bed will never be the same once Trauma has put you to bed with his magic touch. Such soothing memories! Only elite warriors in Spartac get this type of treatment. When it happens you will know it
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    Still more competent than most of you bastards. @LRRRtheDestroyer @FramesNotFound @Farsight @VikingAus
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    greetings guys, had to catch up bills with first check, might have a laptop coming soon we will see if the internet can handle some shenanigans
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    Having my birthday party then so i wont make it sadly. Attached is my new baby girl for you guys who haven't seen her
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    and he was never heard from again
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    Life's good gents, getting in shape and making dollar dollar bills, still up in the air with Amazon however it turns out an old army buddy of mine works at the data center I'm trying to get hired at. So yay. More snapshots of the easy life. Also, 'memba Dakota? I 'memba
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    JTAC and forward ground team sounds like my kind of thing. again thanks for the pictures On a funnier note this was spit at the end of last Saturdays op
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    Will be there like always, sorry I haven't been on but "For Honor" dropped and whacking peoples heads off with a ball and chain flail makes me hard.
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    I have been apart of Spartan Tactical for almost a year now, and since near the beginning, i have been one of the main mission makers. I know a few of us have been searching for a mission or mod or whatever which can play to our strengths as a pmc, from PMC simulator to Overthrow and even a few custom missions . I may have finally found what we are looking for. Hired Guns 2: Mercenary campaign http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=831634087&searchtext= Depending on the response to this post, i may put the mission up for testing on our end. If enough people enjoy the test, i will make contact with the mission developer about customizing it for us, personally...... Let me know what you think in the comments below Cyphas
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    Ground team, LMG or whatever is needed. My rig should now be cleansed of the devils that have plagued me and caused numerous crashings.
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    I'm saying that hat is nice. It would feel so good to be wearing that with my headset IRL while playing my guy with that on in-game.
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    "Fuck you lookin' at Motherfucker!"
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    MISSION BRIEFING7PM (PST) SATURDAY, February 25, 2017 (typical op night and time) BACKGROUND INFORMATION Welcome to Southern Sahrani. After our recent run of PMC operations gaining valuable combat experience, The government of Southern Sahrani at the direction of the Royal Family has hired us on a government contract to train some of their units. Those who do not know, Southern Sahrani is bordered by a not so friendly nation to the north. There is a long tradition of tension between the neighbors, but since the establishment of the DMZ some 27 years ago, there has not been a single border incursion. The interest in extra training by Southern Sahrani MoD was sparked by the North signing a mutual defense pact with CSAT, which typically indicates full membership in the Bloc will follow shortly. A NATO Exercise is scheduled to take place off the shore of Southern Sahrani in the next 90 days in response, and NATO has invited observers from the Southern Sahrani Leadership. SITUATION Current situation as of 25 FEB, 2017: In an Unprecedented attack, the North Has Launched a massive attack against the South. Spartac showed its prowess on the battlefield that day, and demonstrated it's value. We have been offered a contract for the duration of the hostilities should we so choose. Any Spactac employees who wish to decline the contract are welcome to, but this will be your last chance. With our Defense of Pariso, and the government sector including the MoD the government of South Sahrani still stands. I have been working closely with senior leadership to determine what assets the South still has, and where best we can assist. The South was caught nearly completely off guard. Current Map of the Situation: Known lines as of 25 FEB. The western sectors of the island are unknown, but assumed in enemy hands. Intel Indicates that several Mech Inf Bde have rolled over the border, in addition to a full AR and Inf Bde in support. Their know Air assets include An Inf Bde Airmobile, and a Fixed wing Combat Squadron. With that said, we have 3 potential targets that myself and the MoD feels will greatly assist in the defense of the south. Potential Targets: OBJ A: Ground Attack of Estrella Light Inf contacts reported near the town of Estrella. Strong Western coastal attack pushing out the front line would cause the enemy to reconsider any attacks on their Prize, the Paraiso Capital. OBJ B: Air Assualt of OpFor Supply FOB In / around the municipality of Cayo Our Forces will Approach via Littlebird to assualt enemy supply, logistics and maintenance FOB. Should be lightly defended. Destroying this supply infrastructure will hurt the enemy forward deployed forces in the west. OBJ C: SCUBA insert of Dolores Enemy forces are smoking and joking around the town of Dolores, waterborne insert, wreck any enemy targets, disrupt supply lines and bail out. Remind them that Godless Communists are not welcome when people have the desire to be free... KEYNOTES - Civilians are not to be engaged unless they a direct and legitimate threat. In country you are not to go heavily armed unless specifically told otherwise. Civilians must be treated with respect and courtesy. Finally, commandeering any civilian vehicles will be dealt with severely. Surveillance: Operating area. Targets last known appearance. Heavy equipment. Recommended outfit. MISSION & EXECUTION Time: Mission Dependent Task: ROE(Rules Of Engagement): PID, Fire at willMain body: Intercept Team: Recon: Insertion: Extraction: Recommended Equipment: Combat Load, per Operator Preference Required Roles: COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Command: 121 short range 33 long range ARES - (MAIN BODY) -121.1 POSEIDON - (INTERCEPT TEAM) - 121.2 APOLLO - (CAS) - 50 long range HERMES - (RECON) - 121.3 team 121 for relaying info. 33 Long range (when applicable) SQUAD LEADERS / SPECIAL ROLES Alpha Team Lead: Alpha Team Medic: Bravo Team Lead: Bravo Team Medic: Radio Operator: Zeus: RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Expected enemy strength: N/AAnti-air concerns: N/ASupport: N/AWeather Report: Clear skies, No wind, , High of 98'fAdditional Information: Uniform for use in Theater: Scorpion or Variant: Primary pattern in your kit should be Scorpion. Crye preference over other uniform cuts.
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    I vote B also. I choose C be left to LD
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    Welcome to Takistan After our last Operation and our Success of taking out the two Warlords,the Taki Militia have been furious in a latest US Army Operation they managed to take 3 US Army soliders Hostage and managed to Murder them and post it online: Also they have taken an American Journalist Hostage and our Job is to go in there and rescue him and get him back Home Spartac will be split up into 2 teams consisting of: Alpha Team Bravo Team SITUATION Current situation as of January 8, 2017: - Civilians are indifferent to any military presence so they can be ignored, however there have been reports of IED's being used. - Anyone with a gun is to be considered hostile KEYNOTES - Civilians must be treated with respect and courtesy, we're in their country. Commandeering any enemy weapon must be approved by a team leader first Finally, commandeering any civilian vehicles will be dealt with severely. - Must be approved by a team leader first MISSION & EXECUTION Time: 14:15 hrsTask: Rescue the Journalist by any means Necessary ROE(Rules Of Engagement): Do not fire, unless fired uponMain body: Split into 2 smaller team and complete assigned tasksRecon: N/AInsertion: Off RoadsExtraction: Same as insertionRecommended Equipment: Soft headgear, small caliber weapons/non aggressive. Heavy caliber for suppression.Required Roles: COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Command: 121 short range 33 long range (when needed) Alpha Team: (ARES) -121.1 Bravo Team: (POSEIDEN) - 121.2 CAS: (APOLLO) - 50 long range Recon: (HERMES) - 121.3 team 121 for relaying info. 33 Long range (when applicable) SQUAD LEADERS / SPECIAL ROLES Platoon Lead: Alpha Team Lead: Alpha Team Medic: Bravo Team Lead: Bravo Team Medic: Radio Operator: EOD Personnel: Zeus: Cyphas RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Expected enemy strength: UNKNOWNAnti-air concerns: N/ASupport:Weather Report: Clear sky, mild wind. High of 40'fAdditional Information:
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    I have been outlining a bit of a story for a campaign I'd like to run in Arma one day. Without spoilers, Spartac is contracted with a large sum of money by Group 13 a top secret group from CTRG that works off the Nimitz and has a network of informants all over the world. Recently they picked up a signal from one of their agents in Chenarus (Map Pending) stating that a meeting between a rebel leader and an unknown contact is going down. Spartac's job is to infiltrate the meeting and find out what they are up to. Group 13 has given Spartac a Darter and a Falcon to help with the infiltration. That is just the first mission in a three mission campaign that will take Spartac to multiple maps and environments as well as being faced with different challenges and levels of warfare.
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    Welcome stranger! I am very happy to see that you have made it this far. You've taken the time to not only visit our site, but read this post and learn more about us and for that I am appreciative. My name is @Dakota, the founder of this group I call SPARTAC. This informational post has been written in an effort to provide you as well as other potential applicants and curious readers such as yourself a more thorough understanding of what Spartan Tactical is intended to be and the experience we hope to provide those who wish to join our community. First, perhaps it is best to start with what SPARTAC is not as to avoid wasting any of your time. SPARTAC is not a milsim group. We do not operate with true-to-life ranks, policies, procedures, protocols, responsibilities, etc. We do not enforce mandatory attendance or have mandatory gaming nights. We do not specify what role you must play or what loadout you must carry while playing it. We do not force you to wear certain pants with a certain vest. We do not expect you to blindly obey the leadership as if we are Gods nor do we expect you call us Sir. We do not require you to be put through training or jump through hoops to join us. Spartan Tactical Group (SPARTAC) was founded as a PC/ARMA based spin-off of a console-based clan, of which I have been a member for over a decade. SPARTAC intends to channel the vision and purpose of that clan in our growth, which includes making it our mission to provide a laid-back, casual, relaxed experience for all with an emphasis on finding good people to play games with first and foremost. Everything else comes after. The requirements for joining are simple, we do not ask much of you and we expect very little in return. SPARTAC aims to become more than a simple group, we hope to build not only a team, but a community of gamers who can call each other friends. We hope that together, with your help, we can achieve that goal. SPARTAC has been based on a private military company, first and foremost, because it provides an interesting dynamic with which we can operate and allows flexibility in the brand we employ. It is important to be clear that the PMC aspect of SPARTAC is solely for appearances and fun and that being a member of this "PMC" group does not mean you will not see us playing beyond our scope when we choose to do so. I.E. utilizing advanced air/ armor assets in game and so on. For the sake of "the story," being based on a PMC allows us that room to flex and bend rules to fit our informal, laid back style in addition to allowing us the diversity of our membership that we encourage amongst the group. Otherwise we will play the game as it is intended to be played. That being said, we do intend to ham it up a bit with custom built missions geared towards the PMC role and will structure our community with some fun references to being a PMC where can. While SPARTAC is very laid-back and casual, we do enjoy getting tactical as well. Tactical can be defined as "of, relating to, or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military end." For us this means three things; we communicate, we work together and we play the objective. Simple as that. We are happy to provide ancillary experiences to enhance this including, but not limited to, a brief orientation, simulated training, recommended responsibilities of designated roles, suggested uniform and equipment loadouts per mission and so on. But at the end of the day, our one and only true purpose is to ensure we are all having a good time while doing it. I chose the name Spartan Tactical Group with a few different inspirations/influences in mind. The structure of the name, Spartan Tactical Group, was directly influenced by other actual PMCs in operation including the RSB Group and Control Risks Group. The "Tactical" quite obviously is in place to emphasize that while we are all about the relaxed requirements and play styles, we also do enjoy employing tactics in our games too from time to time. And finally, the most obvious reference: Spartan. The city-state of Sparta and her warriors need little introduction, nor explanation, however if you are interested you can read more here. And that, in a nutshell, summarizes the mission and intent of Spartan Tactical. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope you'll consider joining our team and as we grow, we hope you'll be proud to be called a Spartan and come to think of your fellow Spartans as a second family. - Dakota SPARTAC Founder