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  2. <-- Cartel Espartano --> This will the first mission of the Criminal Campaign. So, not that differently from how we operate as a PMC. It is going to be fun, challenging and unique. You might kill cops one day and get bounties from them to capture or kill gang leaders. PMC's are also active in the area and they might be paid to hunt you or you may pay them for help or equipment. Expect all around randomness. Main Objectives 1. Wreck havoc and get rich and powerful Optional Objectives 1. Try to hide civilian casualties to lower the cartel's notoriety. 2. Maintain a variety of utility vehicles for refueling and repairing. Needless to say most of what we are going to be doing is going to be illegal. Expect police and swat teams to show up. If we piss them enough we might get the attention of the Gendarmerie. This mission is going to rely on ambushes and hit and run tactics. You are not expected to last against relentless pushback of the Law. Be prepared to retreat and abandon objectives. Roleplay will be kept minimum as possible. Certain aspects like having drugs and money will be explained in mission.
  3. MISSION BRIEFING 10/6/2018 9pm CST BACKGROUND INFORMATION Gentlemen, we have a new assignment. The Chernorussian civil war is winding down, with the major combatants retreating to relatively fixed areas of control. NATO/UN is overseeing the reconstruction of the Chernorussian government under a gentlemen the locals arent too fond of. Limited fighting and civilian unrest is rampant, and tensions remain high. The Russians, and the Chernorussians are currently Hostile to NATO forces! This is where we come in. UN/NATO has hired us to start a little import/export business to assist them in moving supplies in and out of the area. We have current contracts with NATO and IDAP in place, additionally we were also granted a business license from the provisional government to move goods within the country. Not a normal job, but due to the security situation in the country, our friends in Brussels figured we would be perfect for the job. With that said, our not so friends at the CIA took notice and decided to give us some grey area work due to our current unprecedented access to the country, they weren't specific, but I'm sure we will be hearing from them soon. MISSION & EXECUTION Time: 16:00 Objectives: TBD Rules Of Engagement: RETURN FIRE IF FIRED UPON Threat Level: RED (Caution) Insertion: CIVILIAN VEHICLES Respawn: TP TO CLOSEST SPARTAC VEHICLE Uniform: CIVILIANS, CONCEALED WEAPONS AND GEAR Equipment: Requirements: RADIOS ROLES NEEDED: RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: ALL VEHICLES, EQUIPMENT AT THE BASE OF OPERATIONS IS AVAILABLE FOR USE Weather Report: CLEAR Additional Information: INCOGNITO SCRIPT USAGE AFTER CHANGING YOUR CLOTHING AN OPTION WILL APPEAR TO CHECK YOUR DISGUISE THE SCRIPT WILL THEN SHOW YOU HOW YOUR DISGUISE LOOKS ADJUST CLOTHING AND GEAR, CONCEAL WEAPONS AND BINOS UNTIL YOU ARE SHOWN AS "GOOD" AFTER KILLING ENEMIES, FRIENDLIES OR CIVILIANS, YOU WILL HAVE THE OPTION TO TAKE THEIR DISGUISE WITH THE SCROLL WHEEL, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO DISGUISE YOURSELF AS ENEMY!! ACE ARSENAL USAGE ACE ARSENAL IS ACTIVE! ACE INTERACT WITH THE CRATES TO ACCESS THE ARSENAL Role Play Requirements: 0 Additional Intel: FORCE SUMMARY FRIENDLY FORCES ENEMY FORCES
  4. MISSION BRIEFING 9/23/2017 9pm CST BACKGROUND INFORMATION Welcome to Ruha gentlemen. We find ourselves in the middle of a political argument between two opposing factions that escalated into full scale violence on a guerrilla level. NATO has sent in advisers to help train local forces to deal with this as well as infiltrate the uprising and crush it from the inside. We will be regularly liaising with one of these advisers during our operations here. MISSION & EXECUTION Due to the nature of how our Intel will be gained all briefings will be done on an ad-hoc basis. However we must be as clandestine as possible, no one except our contact is aware of our presence so military gear will be used as and when. Time: As and when Objectives: Determined at time of meeting Primary Secondary Tertiary Rules Of Engagement: RFO (RETURN FIRE ONLY, FTE (FREE TO ENGAGE). Threat Level: AMBER (CAUTION). Insertion: Cars Respawn: Predetrmined points on the day Extraction: Cars Uniform: Civilian (military as needed) Equipment: Clandestine (Hidden weapons) Requirements: Medics RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: 4 x Jeep Wranglers, 2 x armed Jeep Wranglers Weather Report: Clear Additional Information: This campaign is very story driven so DO NOT BLAST ANYONE AWAY unless told to, it will ruin the campaign and make things much more difficult for yourselves Role Play Requirements: As and when Additional Intel:
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